I got a job in a library! How cool is that?

photo:  viswamgroup.com
photo: viswamgroup.com

Next week I start a new adventure. My kids are growing up and I’m heading back to work. What better place for a Book Club Mom to land than the local library!


photo:  wisegeek.org
photo: wisegeek.org


They don’t use card catalogs at the library anymore, but I’d be ready if they did because I passed the Dewey Decimal test.



I may be seen pushing one of these:

photo:  childtherapytoys.com
photo: childtherapytoys.com

How cool if it looked like this!

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photo: pinterest.com

If I get really good, maybe I can join the library cart drill team and compete in the world championship! There really is such a thing. The American Library Association has sponsored the event for several years. Click here to read this interesting article from The New York Times, “Dancing With the Book Carts.”

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   photo: glma.wordpress.com
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photo: flickr.com

Most of all I’m excited to work in a place I have visited many, many times with my kids when they were little. And I’m looking forward to getting more involved in our community.

I’ll still be reading and posting book reviews. I’m sure I will get some great book recommendations at work!

Thanks for visiting – come back soon!

21 thoughts on “I got a job in a library! How cool is that?

  1. That’s wonderful news and good luck. If I had it to do all over again, I’d major in Library Science, as there’s no better place to be than a library!

  2. This is wonderful! I’m excited for you. The very first thing I ever remember wanting to be was a librarian. No surprise then that my love of books has never faded. Best of luck to you!

  3. Congratulations and have lots of fun! Unfortunately librarians are being replaced more and more by volunteer staff here in the UK which is a pity as it is such a skilled job and one with many responsibilities.

    1. Thanks Annika. I don’t have an MS in Library Science so I’m limited unless I get one, but I was impressed with how much more a library is than a stack of books. Lots to learn!

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