Life in a Library



After twenty years at home with the kids, I’m slowly getting used to the working world.  I’ve received my badge (not a good picture of me, natch!), attended orientation, a workplace civility workshop and completed four library webinars.  And I’m beginning to master all the logins, sites, databases and other technology structures that hold a modern library together.  I thought I already had a lot of usernames and passwords.  Wrong!

My start date just happened to coincide with the beginning of three different spring breaks for four kids, plus an emergency college closing due to the norovirus.  So I hauled out the crock pot and filled it with the regular stuff and did a bunch of driving after work.  Nothing like making breakfast, bag lunches and dinner all before 7 am!

Anyone who has entered a library in the past few years knows that libraries are a lot more than books.  As an assistant, I get to move around a lot, splitting my talents between the adults and kids.  I’m the type of person who prefers standing to sitting, so that’s just right for me.

So if you’re wondering what a library assistant does at work, here’s what has kept me busy so far:

  • Working my way through a new employee workbook
  • Answering the reference desk phone
  • Helping people find books
  • Helping people with printing, copy machine and fax problems
  • Helping kids with computer game problems
  • Signing people up for a tax prep program
  • Signing people up for next week’s talk on hummingbirds
  • Pulling “Holds” off the shelf
  • Displaying new books at the entrance
  • Organizing the Learning a Foreign Language shelf
  • Finding books to add to a Horror Stories for Kids bookmark
  • Setting up tables for a Book Bingo session
  • Setting up more tables for a Mah Jongg tournament

There’s no time for book reading when you work in a library, but lots of time to learn what’s out there and plenty to look forward to.  We just got a 3D printer and I can’t wait to see it in action!

Doesn't this look cool? Photo:

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13 thoughts on “Life in a Library

  1. Go you! Sound busy. At our library this week the librarian offered to show me how to use the self-check out. I told her I’d rather talk to a person. She told me she’s the same, and avoids them where she can. But now, reading your list of activities I guess the time will come when I won’t get that choice anymore.

  2. Good for you, Barb! My favorite jobs were my library days in high school and then my job at the Science Library at Colgate. Hope you continue to enjoy!

  3. Very cool. This would definitely make my short list of “most wanted jobs!” 3D printers are pretty amazing inventions with so many uses. I hope you plan on doing a post about yours. of my son’s friends had an unscheduled “vacation” from school do to that virus too.

    1. Haha! Well I was happy to have him home and he wasn’t sick either so it was a win win! As for the printer I didn’t get to see the demo but I plan to check it out next week. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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