Who’s That Indie Author? Dorinda Balchin

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Dorinda Balchin

Author name:  Dorinda Balchin

Genre:  Historical fiction

BooksHeronfield; The Guardians

     Heronfield     The Guardians

Bio:  I’ve been a voracious reader since I was a child and spent all of my spare time in the local library. I also have a love of history so it seemed only natural that the two should come together and I would write historical fiction, particularly stories set during periods of war and conflict. I love the detailed research necessary to create books which have a real feel for the period, and my debut novel, Heronfield, was described as ‘an amazing read’ by the Historical Novel Society. I’m currently at the proofreading stage with my third novel (set during the English Civil War) and, whilst this is ongoing, I am working on a series of novels featuring a war correspondent.

My life has not always been about writing (although there has never been a time I wasn’t scribbling something down). After graduation I had a career teaching in England, followed by a ‘mid-life crisis’ which saw me moving to India with my husband to run a remote guesthouse. Now that we are back in the UK I spend most of my time looking after my grandson, and writing. Any spare time I get will be spent painting, fencing and riding.

Favorite thing about being a writer: One of my favourite things about being a writer is being able to create a fictional story within a real historical setting. I love the detailed research required, and then creating a whole set of characters to inhabit that timeline. The great thing about writing historical fiction is that my characters can look at a well-known event from a different perspective; no one knows how they will be affected by what is going on around them, which makes for great storytelling.

Biggest challenge as an indie author: I think the biggest challenge as an indie author is marketing. I know that there are many readers out there who would love my work but as an indie author it is much harder to reach them without the resources and contacts of a traditional publisher.

Favorite book: This is a difficult one! I have eclectic tastes and my favourite book can change over time depending on which genre I’m currently enjoying. I would say that, at the moment, one of my favourite books is Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder. But who knows what it will be next week, or next month!

Contact Information:  Author website:  dorindabalchin.com; Twitter:  @DorindaBalchin; Email: dorinda@dorindabalchin.com

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8 thoughts on “Who’s That Indie Author? Dorinda Balchin

  1. Lovely to meet Dorinda and learn about her writing and novels. I wonder if she ever thought writing about her experiences running a guest house in India? I bet there are a lot of great stories to relate!

    1. Hello Annika. I have thought of writing about my experiences in India but am a little nervous to start. I have some great stories to tell, but I think that experiences like that require humour to engage the reader. As I’m not very confident in writing in that genre I’ve yet to put pen to paper. What do you think? If you are reading a biography about someone you have never heard of before do you prefer something light-hearted or a more serious book?

      1. I think a biography can and often should be a mix of the more serious with some light-hearted experiences thrown in. A concentration on just one element can perhaps seem a bit forced as life after all is so varied! Another idea is to write a fiction book based on your time in India, changing names and events to suit but catching the essence if your time there…just an idea. Lovely to hear from you and warmest wishes.

  2. Dorinda, you’re works and life both sound fascinating. I’m off to read more about your books. I loved Du Maurier’s the King’s General so the English Civil war one sounds especially interesting. Also the war correspondent. All sound like things I will enjoy.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. I shall soon be giving away a free copy of a novella introducing the war correspondent, there will be more information on my website in the next week.
      I haven’t read The King’s General yet so will put it on my reading list.

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