Who’s That Indie Author Recap: Mar/Apr 2016

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Have you met these indie authors?

Here’s a recap for March and April 2016.  Be sure to click on the author’s name to view the full indie author profile.

Maighread MacKay

Maighread HeffernanGenre:  Metaphysical, Visionary and Paranormal Fiction
Book:  Stone Cottage
Favorite Books:  I love the Harry Potter series, Dan Brown’s books. Norah Roberts.
Biggest Challenge:  The rewriting and editing to make the story the best it can be
Contact Information:  Website: Maighread MacKay, Author & Artist
Facebook: Author Maighread MacKay
Twitter: @maighreadmackay

Sherry Mayes

Sherry MayesGenre:  Young Adult
BookStop the World
Favorite BookThe Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
Biggest Challenge:  Finding support to get your novel ‘seen’.
Contact Information:  Facebook:  Sherry Mayes Author; Goodreads:  Sherry Mayes  Amazon: amazon.co.uk

Denise Greenwood

Denise Greenwood - CopyGenre:  Contemporary fiction and chilling thrillers
BooksTemptation, Star Keeper, Crushed
Favorite BookZen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig
Biggest Challenge:  Making one’s narrative voice heard above the roar of millions of others within the book market.
Contact Information:  Website: denise-greenwood.com; Twitter: @deniseGauthor; Facebook: Denise Greenwood and Book Trailers: YouTube.com

Jax Jillian

Jax JillianGenre:  Contemporary Romance
BooksLarkin’s Letters, Ryan’s Letters
Favorite BookSuzanne’s Diary to Nicholas by James Patterson
Biggest Challenge:  Definitely marketing and just getting the book into people’s hands.
Contact Information:  Website:  jaxjillian.com  Blog:  jaxjill.wordpress.com   email:  jaxjillian@gmail.com

B. Lynn Goodwin

B. L. GoodwinGenre:  Fiction, Self-Help, Memoir
BooksTalent ; You Want Me to Do WHAT? Journaling for Caregivers ; Her memoir, a work-in-progress, has a working title: Never Too Late.
Favorite Book:  Usually the one I’m reading. As long as I care about the characters or am learning from the content I usually have a favorite book du jour.
Biggest Challenge:  Getting the word out about my latest book, blog, or venture.
Contact Information:  Website:  writeradvice.com; Blog:  B. Lynn Goodwin; Facebook:  B. L. Goodwin; Twitter: @Lgood67334

Mary Rowen

Mary RowenGenre:  Women’s Fiction
BooksLeaving the Beach, Living by Ear, another to be published some time in 2016 (fingers crossed)
Favorite Book:  One? That might be impossible. But if John Irving wrote it, it’s probably on my list.
Biggest Challenge:  Like almost everyone else: marketing.
Contact Information:  Website:  maryrowen.com; Facebook:  Mary Rowen Author; Twitter:  @maryjrowen

Thomas Whaley

Thomas WhaleyGenre:  Literary Fiction
BookLeaving Montana
Favorite BookThe Four Agreements: A Practical Guide To Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz
Biggest Challenge:  Marketing – especially if writing is not your full-time job.
Contact Information:   Website: thomaswhaley.com, Goodreads Author Page; Twitter @AuthorTomWhaley

Dorinda Balchin

Dorinda BalchinGenre:  Historical Fiction
BooksHeronfield; The Guardians
Favorite BookSophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder
Biggest Challenge:  Marketing.  I know that there are many readers out there who would love my work but as an indie author it is much harder to reach them without the resources and contacts of a traditional publisher.
Contact Information:  Author website:  dorindabalchin.com; Twitter:  @DorindaBalchin; Email: dorinda@dorindabalchin.com

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