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GP Burdon

Author name:  G.P. Burdon

Genre:  Fantasy/Thriller/Paranormal, and anything that takes his interest.

BooksKings & Pawns; Angel of Death (Reaper Series book 1); Angel of Vengeance (Reaper Series book 2); Angel of Judgement (Reaper Series book 3); Redemption; City of Crows.

Angel of Death   Angel of Vengeance   Angel of Judgement   Redemption   City of Crows

Bio: G.P. Burdon is an Australian independent author who writes novels that combine his love of fantasy, thriller, and the paranormal. Burdon wrote and self-published his first thriller novel, Kings & Pawns, then followed it with his popular fantasy trilogy, the Reaper Series. Burdon has recently completed a paranormal thriller titled City of Crows and will soon begin his second book series, Barren, which is a young-adult sci-fi. In addition to his self-published works, Burdon has also had flash-fiction thrillers and horror stories published in several literary magazines and blogs. All of his published works are available through Amazon and Kindle, and book 1 of the Reaper Series is permanently free on Kindle.

Favorite thing about being a writer: The ability to be creative in my daily life is definitely my favourite thing about being a writer. Creating complex and unique characters is always fun for me, and writing is the one job I’ve ever had where I was excited to start my day.

Biggest challenge as an indie author: The biggest challenge is finding a way to stand out in the crowd. Working with a much smaller budget than “professionally” published authors makes it incredibly hard to market your work in an ever growing sea of independent authors. The trick is getting noticed, but that’s difficult when a million other people are standing beside you, also trying to be noticed.

Favorite book: Under the Dome, Stephen King.

Contact Information:  Facebook:  G.P. Burdon Author, Blog:  authorgpburdon.wordpress.com

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