Who’s That Indie Author? Jennifer Kelland Perry

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Jennifer Kelland Perry

Author name:  Jennifer Kelland Perry

Genre:  Young Adult & New Adult Fiction

Books:  Published this year: Calmer Girls

Calmer GirlsIn Prepublication: Calmer Secrets (sequel)

Bio:  Jennifer Kelland Perry is a native of St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. In 2010, she and her husband Paul sold their house and left the city to enjoy rural life in Bonavista Bay. They live beside the ocean there and are loving every moment.

While working for years in the banking industry, Jennifer always dreamed of a time she could devote to her first passion of writing fiction. Calmer Girls is her debut novel, the first in a two-book deal with an independent American publisher. The sequel Calmer Secrets is expected to be released early in 2017.

In between working on her novels, Jennifer updates her blog, Jennifer’s Journal, where she shares her thoughts and observations on life in Newfoundland through prose and nature photography. Recently, she began contributing content for several writer websites.      

Favorite thing about being a writer:  I enjoy creating realistic characters in situations that resonate with readers.

Biggest challenge as an indie author: Marketing and distribution on a small budget makes it challenging to get my book(s) more widely read.

Favorite book: This keeps changing the more I read! At the moment, I’m working through several Thomas Hardy novels and enjoying them immensely.

Contact Information:  You can find Jennifer on many platforms!

Calmer Girls on Amazon & Amazon Author Page
Website/blog Jennifer’s Journal
Facebook: JenniferKellandPerry
Twitter: @JennKellandPerry
LinkedIn: Jennifer Kelland Perry
Goodreads, Pinterest and Instagram

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10 thoughts on “Who’s That Indie Author? Jennifer Kelland Perry

  1. “I enjoy creating realistic characters in situations that resonate with readers.” Me too.

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    Writer Advice Managing Editor, http://www.writeradvice.com
    Author of YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT? Journaling for Caregivers & Author of TALENT

  2. Thanks for liking this, Book Club Mom. If you know people who write MG, YA, or NA, can you pass this contest info along? Thanks! (I forgot to include that request.)

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