Who’s That Indie Author? Elizabeth A. Havey

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Elizabeth Havey

Author name: Elizabeth A. Havey

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Book: A Mother’s Time Capsule, Short Stories about Motherhood

A Mother's Time CapsuleBio: A former teacher of English and a registered nurse, I attended the Iowa Summer Writing Workshops, working with instructors including David Payne and Elizabeth Strout. My work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Better Homes and Gardens and literary magazines. I have also published CEUs for nursing in Nurseweek. In 2015, Foreverland Press published my collection of stories, A MOTHER’S TIME CAPSULE. I blog at Boomer Highway and I am a member of She Writes and Women’s Fiction Writers Association (WFWA). One surprising thing about me, I co-wrote MIAMI INK: Marked for Greatness.  

Favorite thing about being a writer: the ability to create a place, a world filled with characters that speak to me and help me tell stories that I could have lived or stories I will never live. The power of imagination gets me to the keyboard.

Biggest challenge as an Indie author: getting the word out. There are many talented writers offering their work today. Writing and publishing my novels will help me rise above this crowded place. It’s a challenge with great potential.

Favorite book: There are too many to name, but the first that comes to mind is F. Scott Fitzgerald’s THE GREAT GATSBY, a classic that tells the American story, uses beautiful language and was not immediately welcomed by readers. Sometimes the best work lies fallow, but once it’s discovered, watch out.

Website:  elizabethahavey.com
Blog:  boomerhighway.org
Twitter:  @BoomerHighway
Facebook: Boomer Highway

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