What’s That Book? Loving Frank by Nancy Horan


whats-that-bookLoving Frank cover

Title:  Loving Frank

Author:  Nancy Horan

Genre:  Historical Fiction

Rating:  ***

What’s it about?  Historical novel about the charismatic American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, his creative style and innovative designs and his failed marriage to Catherine Tobin, whom he deserted (along with six children) to continue an affair with Mameh Cheney, the wife of a client.  The story also includes the 1914 disastrous fire at Taliesin, Wright’s new home in Wisconsin, set by a deranged servant who also murdered Mameh, her two children and four others.

How did you hear about it?  Recommended by a friend who knew I liked historical fiction

Closing comments:  I liked reading Loving Frank and trying to imagine these historical figures as they spoke and acted in their everyday lives and during the actual events that occurred. I did not know much about Frank Lloyd Wright and had never heard of Mamah Cheney and, had these things not really happened, I would have thought the book’s story line to be unbelievable!

Contributor:  Jane

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6 thoughts on “What’s That Book? Loving Frank by Nancy Horan

  1. Great review. I read this book when it first came out and enjoyed it more than I thought I would. So much in that book – fact woven into the fiction. When I read it I lived near a public building of FL Wright’s – his work (and thus he) is so revered. This book shed a different light on the subject, didn’t it?? I’ll never look at his designs/homes/buildings the same way….

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