Who’s That Indie Author? Dennis Macaraeg

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Author name:  Dennis Macaraeg

Genre:  Thriller and Romance

BookSomewhere in the Shallow Sea


Bio: Dennis Macaraeg is an American author who is passionate about writing themes that include action and adventure, love story and travelogue. Dennis’ first thriller was inspired by his backpacking trip to the Philippines when he was in his 20s. He lives in San Diego.

Favorite thing about being a writer: Creating my world. Looking forward to writing and researching for my next novel and promoting my book every day; those are my rewards. When someone tells me that he or she enjoyed reading my book…I’m on cloud nine.

Biggest challenge as an indie author: Telling book lovers that my novel exists. And of course, the grand challenge for most writers, finding the time to write.

Favorite book: This is a tough one to answer. As long as the book has significant challenges to overcome and two people are falling in love, that’s the one.

Contact Information:  Find out more about Dennis Macaraeg by visiting these author links:

Website:  dennismacaraeg.com
Blog:  Dennis Macaraeg – Author of Somewhere in the Shallow Sea
Facebook:  Facebook Author Page
Instagram:  denniswriter
Twitter: @DennisMac2015

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3 thoughts on “Who’s That Indie Author? Dennis Macaraeg

  1. Great that a trip to the Philipines inspired a book and I love mixing the genres! As for favourite book I always find this an impossible question but still like it a good one excuse to scour the book shelves…😀

    1. I think mixing genres is a very interesting idea. Picking a favorite book is always hard – a top 10 is easier, but it’s always fun to think about! Thanks for commenting, Annika.

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