Who’s That Indie Author? Malia Zaidi

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Author name
:  Malia Zaidi

Genre:  Historical Mystery

BooksA Poisonous Journey and A Darker Shore


Bio:  Malia Zaidi is the author of A POISONOUS JOURNEY. She attended the University of Pittsburgh, and studied at English at Oxford University. Having grown up in Germany, she currently lives in Washington DC, though through her love of reading, she resides, vicariously in countries throughout the world. A POISONOUS JOURNEY is her first novel in the Lady Evelyn mysteries series. The sequel, A DARKER SHORE will be available later this year.

Favorite thing about being a writer:  Creating characters. It starts with choosing a name, and from there the development of the figure just branches out. I want my characters, be they good or bad or, hopefully as humans often are, somewhere in between, to seem as real as possible. My favorite books are favorites because of their characters, much more, even than the plot, though, obviously, I aim to make a good go of that as well. These are characters I feel I know so well, I close the book almost surprised, and definitely a little disappointed, that they are not real.

Biggest challenge as an indie author:  Finding readers and the whole concept of self-marketing. I think many authors are like me in that we like to spend an inordinate amount of time with fictional people, but are not quite social animals adept at peddling our wares in the loudest tones. I have found a wonderful community of readers through Goodreads, however, where I was active even before becoming an author, and which I truly enjoy.

Favorite book: The impossible question! I might have to be unoriginal and say Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice closely followed by the Harry Potter series and William Goldman’s brilliant The Princess Bride. When it comes to characters, I’m not a Carrie or a Samantha, I’m definitely a Hermione.

Contact Information:
Website: maliazaidi.com
Blog: The Princess and the Pen
Twitter: @MaliaZaidi
Facebook: Malia Zaidi @maliazaidiauthor

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3 thoughts on “Who’s That Indie Author? Malia Zaidi

  1. Lovely to meet Malia and she is quite the international traveller. The novel sounds like it is set in
    England…I’m picturing Downton Abbey in the sun! Will just have to check it out! 😀

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