Hey bloggers – how old is your blog?

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Okay bloggers, based on your responses to my earlier post, Blog views and other obsessions – aging out?, it seems as if we are all beating the odds. So to turn the stats around, I’m gathering data:

How long (years and months) have you been blogging?

Leave your answer in the comments section and I’ll report back!

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46 thoughts on “Hey bloggers – how old is your blog?

  1. I made it over four years, but as you know, I recently backed out. Just couldn’t keep up! Now I read posts when I can, but most days I don’t get the chance. So many other things compete for our time, don’t they? Sigh.

  2. Hello Barbara, I started my blog back in 2012 but didn’t begin to post with any frequency at all until about half way through 2014. Over those two years it’s morphed into something I’d never have anticipated. Still going strong 🙂 And I agree with your earlier commentor who observed: your blog will stand the test of time, books are essential.

  3. My blog has been going for one year and ten months. When I started I was so nervous but needn’t have been – it has been and still is a wonderful sharing / learning experience. Look forward to your analysis of the data, Barb!

    1. Thanks Annika – that will be coming later this week! I was clueless and had no confidence when I started. I can think of no other place on social media where the comments and support are consistently positive. I think all the bloggers in our book blogging and writing world are very happy to read, comment and share and that’s what has made my experience so fulfilling.

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