It’s a blog’s life

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It all started when I read that the average life of a blog is 100 days…

If you saw my posts last week, you know that I am taking an unscientific poll (thank goodness it’s not a political poll, right?) about how long you’ve been blogging.

I’ve received a lot of feedback (thanks!) and I’m getting ready to show how we are all beating the odds.  If you are just seeing this now, send me your blog age (year and months) and I’ll post this weekend.

You can read my original post, “”Blog views and other obsessions – aging out?” here.


And my follow-up post, “Hey bloggers – how old is your blog?” here.

Source: Pixabay

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13 thoughts on “It’s a blog’s life

  1. The current “incarnation” of my blog is getting close to two. I’ve blogged since the beginning of blogs though. My last blog was about 8 years. I have a few tiny niche blogs that are still going (very erratic posting due to the topic). I don’t seek to earn money though and I think that’s a big difference. Many bloggers get into thinking they’ll make a ton of money and find out it’s time-consuming work that gets you there. I just do it as my daily writing “practice” and because I’m alone most of my awake time!

  2. My first post was in December 2011, but I’ve taken lots of blogging breaks so I’m not sure how old that really makes my blog. 🙂 It does get a little tough to keep it going after a few years, but it’s worth it because of the friendships you end up forming along the way.

  3. March of 2013 when I published my first book. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, nbut the blogger community has proved to invaluable to me. I have made so many connections and learned so very much in these three and a half years.

    1. Neither did I when I first started and I’m still learning. I started in June 2013. Thanks for stopping in, Susan. If you send me the link to your blog, I’ll include it in my post. Happy blogging!

  4. I’m pretty sure my blog is about 18 months old, though I had a several month period early on when I did post anything. Haven’t reached the 100 posts Mark yet, but close.

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