Candidate by Tracy Ewens

While they tally the votes, cozy up with this fun and smart political romance by Tracy Ewens!

Book Club Mom

Tracy Ewens

4 book marks

Politics are tough and public image is everything for United States Senator Patrick Malendar of California. He’s up for re-election and his young Republican opponent is giving him a run for his money. To secure his seat, Malendar has hired Bracknell and Stevens to handle his PR campaign. But the big problem is what to do about Malendar’s errant son, Grady, a shameless playboy whose carousing is frequent fodder for the scandal-hungry media. Malendar knows his son is the key to the young demographic and he’s determined to whip Grady’s image into shape. Anything to help the vote. That’s his motto.

Meet Kate Galloway. She’s a rising star at Bracknell and Stevens and her boss knows she’s the solution to the Grady problem. But while Kate may be the best one for the job, she comes with a lot of romantic baggage and taming a…

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