The Other Wife by Kathleen Irene Paterka


The Other Wife
Kathleen Irene Paterka

3 book marks

Eleanor Anderson’s comfortable life in the Chicago suburbs changes forever when her husband Richard dies in his sleep, but not for the usual reasons.  Her life begins its crumble when she learns about the changes in Richard’s life insurance policy, changes that point to another woman.  She’s sure it’s a mistake and as her lawyer son Jeffrey tries to make sense of the news and keep his money monger sister Genevieve at bay, what becomes obvious is that there is indeed not just another woman, but a second younger wife and two small children tucked in a nice house in Hyde Park.

Meantime, Claire Anderson has no idea that her husband has died.  Richard had supposedly been off on a long trip as an independent contractor working with the U.S. government.  Being the beneficiary is not enough to comfort Claire, who thought Richard was the perfect husband.

Tension builds as the two women move towards an inevitable confrontation, but the plot twists and new characters muddle up the drama.  The author closes with an exciting meet-up and satisfying finish, with a few surprises.

I was looking for a fun read and enjoyed escaping into this light and easy story.  I like reading about characters with secret lives and think the plot premise is the strongest part of The Other Wife.  I think Eleanor’s character is the most developed, enabling the reader to identify with her situation.

There’s a great deal of repetition, however, which takes away from the experience.  In addition, plot developments are somewhat unrealistic as well as are some of the lightweight details that drive the story.  This is the kind of book that you pick up, read for fun, and move on.  Put your analytical mind on the shelf and enjoy the escape!

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