A Fortunate Life by Fred H. Rohn

I am very excited to share the cover to a special project I have been working on for the past year.


A Fortunate Life is written by my father, Fred H. Rohn.

image0-jpgAuthor Fred H. Rohn grew up on Hurden Street in Hillside, New Jersey, a place that played a pivotal role in his upbringing.

From bike rides and street games in Hillside, to marriage and children in the town of Madison, Rohn shares his experiences of growing up during the Depression, attending college, serving in the Navy, embarking on a business career, and marrying his best friend and high school sweetheart.

Offering an important historical perspective on growing up in the twentieth century, this memoir shares what Rohn considers to be the factors of a fortunate life. Interspersed with photographs from past and present, he shows how one small life fits, as a microcosm, into the fabric of family, friends, and an ever-changing world environment.

Get your copy of A Fortunate Life here.

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33 thoughts on “A Fortunate Life by Fred H. Rohn

  1. Barbara, what a special post for you! 😀Congratulations to your father – the memoir sounds all-encompassing and what an amazing life. The mixture of the personal of bygone days with insightful reflections on wider world events sounds a sure hit – I’ll look out for this! Best of luck to him with ‘A Fortunate Life’. 😀

  2. Nice cover! Congratulations to your dad and best wishes for much success with “A Fortunate Life.” I helped my father complete his second book this past year (he turns 91 next week!), makes for a very special collaboration. 🙂

  3. How fantastic to work on a book project with your father and most of all to see it to completion. That is something to be really proud of, as many books don’t finish. Looking forward to reading it. My mother who is 90 will enjoy it as well. Congratulations to you and your father.

  4. Congrats Barb, what a special project! Your Dad, you and Austin; all writers. I look forward to an opportunity to read this book, especially since I grew up in Morris County. Enjoy the moment.

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