Blog views and other obsessions – Facebook Page Feed frustration


I don’t think I will ever understand Facebook’s settings.  Is there anyone out there who does?  Let me tell you what has been happening to me:

Like many people, I have a personal Facebook page, but when I started my blog, I created a separate Book Club Mom page.  Then I went about “Liking” pages as my new FB blog page.  For a while, I would see news from these newly liked pages on my page feed.  And I was a happy FB blogger, liking and sharing posts.  I liked new pages as they came along, jumped to my blog and then to Twitter and had a great time integrating all three.  Life was good.

Recently I noticed that the majority of these pages no longer appear on my page feed.  Instead, my feed is dominated by “For Reading Addicts” and “Bookstr” – there is good stuff on these, don’t get me wrong, but where is everyone else?

Today I set out to fix the problem.  I went to my Book Club Mom page, scrolled down to the box on the right that said “Liked by this Page” and there was a list of the pages.  But strangely, many of them had not been liked and were waiting for me to click the “Like” button to the right.  Makes no sense!  I clicked and clicked, thinking, “Okay, problem solved” and then suddenly this popped up on my screen:


Feeling wronged, I clicked on the link to let them know and filled out this form:


I’m still blocked, but I got this nice message:


Who knows when I’ll be unblocked or if re-liking all those pages will take care of the problem, but my fingers are crossed!

Thanks for visiting – come back soon!


26 thoughts on “Blog views and other obsessions – Facebook Page Feed frustration

  1. I don’t get Facebook, and I doubt I ever will. I think it’s because things keep changing. I’ve liked a lot of pages (including yours), and to follow them, I’d made lists like I do on Twitter. But then FB got rid of my lists of liked pages. I still have the lists I’ve made for my ‘friends’, but the lists for the pages I’ve followed disappeared. I was not a happy camper. Now I suspect I miss a fair amount of things that get posted. Thanks for liking my page, by the way!

    1. Hi Carrie – I am sure I have liked your page and others multiple times. I don’t know why it never registers. I took FB off my phone but my Book Club Mom page didn’t even work on the app. But everything on FB is so slow on my laptop it’s very frustrating. (Pretty new laptop so that’s not the problem.). See you on WordPress and Twitter!

  2. Like you, Barb, and others who’ve commented, I can’t understand how FB manages “likes” from pages either. All kinds of odd things tend to happen when I act as my page, rather than just me. I have, however heard from a couple of friends who’ve been blocked for being too active, and the blockages don’t last very long. So I hope you’re unblocked soon! Until then, know that you’re not alone. FB is a very frustrating place sometimes.

  3. I, too, have a frustrating relationship with Facebook. Some of the pages that I’ve liked show up in the newsfeed of my book’s page and others don’t. I can’t figure it out – no rhyme or reason… I can understand that Facebook has algorithms for showing pages that you historically have had more contact with, but to just stop showing you pages that you’ve not only “liked” but that you’ve interacted with… I think they’re just forcing you to click around more, so they get more ad revenue. There has to be some financial reason behind it.

  4. Yea, you are really at the mercy of whoever is programming those little spiders(algorithms) that crawl around the internet. For instance gmail will only let you send so many messages at one time before they block you because they think you may be trying to Spam others. FB algorithms are set up for their benefit, not yours. I think they drop or hide pages if you do not visit the page as often as FB thinks you should. They are now telling me if I want more news I need to get more Friends. But the more Friends I have the more cluttered my news feed becomes. I am just keeping my personal FB page. I still haven’t figured out how to post to my Book’s FB page as my publisher set it up. I am getting away from giving FB so much of my time.

  5. Something else for everyone to check. I just noticed that all the recommendations on my Stella Lucente Italian page have been deleted! It is an Italian language book/school page. What is the point? Now I have to recall all these people. Did Facebook think they were too old?

  6. Can’t “Like” you post, because I am thoroughly disgusted with FB and have stopped using it. In addition to their non-user-friendly design and functionality, it has become a forum for people to complain, post click-bait, and spread fear and distrust. For my own sanity I had to stop using it. I still have my acct, but I disabled it. I suspect if you did not look at FB for a mere two weeks, you would notice that you are happier. Try it!

    1. I know just what you are talking about, Jeff. In fact, I took FB off my phone in the fall because I was totally fed up with what my feed had become. But I still use my FB blog page to promote my blog. It’s very freeing not to have my personal FB page on my phone. I feel much better! Thanks for commenting.

      1. Yeah, promoting my blog was one of the main reasons I stayed on so long, but as I looked at my stats, the number of views I was actually getting from FB was minuscule compared with traffic from Google and other search engines. For the extra 10 views a week, it was not worth my sanity.

  7. I know just what you mean. My author FB newsfeed is jammed with promoted (paid) ads that I’m not interested in, and few or none from all the pages I’ve “liked”. Sad, because it used to be a great place to connect, but not anymore. I completely understand Facebook has to make money-guess the way they used to do that wasn’t enough. It’s the “cost” of free, I suppose, but it’s really taken the fun out of using it.

    1. Totally agree and I’m wondering if the accounts that show up on my feed have paid to have their posts promoted. Very disappointing… Thanks for commenting. This is a great discussion!

  8. Facebook is honestly an AWFUL user experience for me. Annoying and not functional and since I don’t pay, I get pushed WAYYYY down. Fun times. The blocking is ridiculous and another feature that makes no sense and makes you wonder what their purpose is apart from aggravating us lol

    1. I know but you’ll be glad to know that your posts are currently on my page feed! Maybe because I recently liked your page? Did you also know that accounts are limited to 5,000 likes? That is a bunch but not that much compared to other social media. Very frustrating!

  9. I can’t even pretend to understand FB. I’m not on there. I know, I know. Many have told me how much I’m missing out on (and I probably am) but I just can’t introduce something into my life that I know will be an aggravation. Hope you sort everything out soon.

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