Who’s That Blogger? Amy Makechnie



Blogmaster:  Amy Makechnie

Blog name:  Maisymak – maisymak.com

Type of blog: Family life, health, books & writing

Where in the world?  Down a country road in New Hampshuh’!

What’s your story?  I began writing a blog to catalogue family life and discovered I loved writing on such a personal level that could include photography (and no editor!) I’ve had to become more creative and discerning as my children have gotten older; there is a huge vetting process to what makes it on to the blog (all pictures have to be given the green light and for some reason my teens don’t like me blabbing about their personal life, what gives?) Blogging opened up my mind to the possibility of other writing opportunities, such as freelancing for websites and regional magazines. I’ve written several novels, and after several years of querying, miraculously landed a literary agent in April 2016. At the moment we are pitching to publishers (fingers and toes crossed!)

What types of blogs do you follow? Mom blogs, writing and book blogs, inspiration

Early bird or night owl?  Definitely an early bird, though work can migrate into the afternoon for editing. My brain is mush by 8 p.m.

Coffee or tea? Neither. Diet Coke and Peanut M&Ms (insert chagrined emoji)

Most recent binge watch: Scandal. Oh dear.

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