The Light Between Oceans by M. L. Stedman – great movie too!

The Light Between Oceans – a great story on the pages and on the screen!


It’s a win-win when a movie adaptation is just as good as the book and I found this out when I watched The Light Between Oceans starring Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander.

Set on an island off Western Australia just after World War I, it’s the story of a lighthouse keeper and his wife, who live alone on Janus Rock. One day, they discover a boat that has washed ashore, carrying a dead man and a crying baby.  Heartbroken over their own losses, they are faced with a decision that will shape the rest of their lives.

Despite being isolated from the world, it’s no surprise that Tom and Isabel Sherbourne’s choice ultimately affects a great many people and a complicated story emerges. It is a story of love, marriage, family and sacrifice.

Terrific filming and a great moral dilemma make this movie a satisfying tear-jerker and I felt the heartstrings being pulled from many directions.  Read the book first and watch the movie second?  I think it can be done in either order!

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What are your favorite film adaptations?

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19 thoughts on “The Light Between Oceans by M. L. Stedman – great movie too!

  1. I devoured the book. It was not an ‘easy’ read, in that the dilemma for the couple was excruciating, as well as the results of their decision. The setting was incredible, and the writing well-done. I’m not sure I want to see the movie, since I ‘saw’ it all so well while reading the book. But perhaps I will now because of your recommendation.

    1. I read the book a few years ago and last week my coworker recommended the movie so I thought I’d give it a try. I have to admit – there was a good deal of sobbing going on – my kids didn’t know what to make of me!

  2. I didn’t know if I could handle the emotions in this one, so I skipped the movie. Maybe I’ll have to give it a go. I love the film adaptation of the book ‘Hidden Figures.’ In fact, this is definitely a case of the movie being better than the book. But it’s probably less factual, so there’s a trade-off for entertainment.

    1. Yes lots of tears when I watched it. I want to see Hidden Figures although I have not read the book. I’m usually way behind in watching movies but I can get them at the library so easily now! 😉 Thanks for stopping by, Carrie!

    1. Yes a very good example. She thought no one would know but it was just the opposite. Of course he couldn’t stand the guilt. That’s so interesting too, how a conscience can be so powerful.

  3. It is highly unusual to have a film adaptation of a book actually work, so this may be one I have to see and read The only other books that were perfectly translated, in my own opinion, were those of the Ring Trilogy by Tolkien.

  4. I loved the book, lost in the story. There is a film??!! I’m often careful of watching films of books that I care deeply for but reading your post makes me keen to see this.

  5. Our book club read that book, and I remember wondering how it was all going to end. I think the author did a good job of making it realistic without being too sad. I don’t know if I’ll see the movie or not, as I usually prefer the books!

  6. I haven’t read the book but I would really like to see this film. It looks great and I will watch anything with Michael Fassbender or Rachel Weisz in it.

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