Who’s That Indie Author? A. H. Amin

Author name
:  A. H. Amin

Genre:  Recent novel:  Inspirational, Young Adult, Fantasy, Animals; Previous works: Thriller, Suspense, Fiction

Books:  (From newest to oldest). Kima, Iblis, Psych’s 1st, Psychs.

Bio: A. H. Amin is an Orthodontist by day, and a writer by night… and day. An Iraqi writer who was born abroad, and lived in more than five countries; most recently in China. He was exposed to diversity his entire life, and he embraced it as his corner stone in all his stories. At the moment, he continues to write, restore people’s smiles, practicing his Chinese Mandarin, and trying his best to stay on his diet.

Favorite thing about being a writer: My favorite thing about writing is the re-write; it’s when I revisit my story and almost feel like a stranger reading the book for the first time, while also re-shaping and polishing the rough edges of my tale… in a way it’s therapeutic.

Biggest challenge as an indie author: While most indie authors struggle with spreading their words or finding a literary agent, a pain we all share together, my challenges come from the fact that I’m also living an expatriate life since birth with no country to support me. But still, if wasn’t for that fact, I wouldn’t be blessed with materials for my stories.

Favorite book: That’s too general… I do have a special connection with one book. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is one novel I won’t mind reading more than once, I’ve already read it three times. I am spell bound to this particular book in many ways that sometimes I feel that the story is about me.

Contact Information:

Blog: A.H. Amin
Twitter: @AA_psychs
Amazon:  Kima
Instagram: a_h_amin
Facebook:  @authorahamin

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