Who’s That Blogger? JP McLean


Blogmaster:  Jo-Anne, AKA JP (because hyphens are a nightmare)

Blog name: The Gift Legacy on WordPress

Type of blog: Author blog

Where in the world?  West coast of Canada

Blogging since when? July of 2012

What’s your story?  When I was writing my first book, I’d often seek out other authors I admired. I was curious. How did they come to write what they wrote? Where did they write? How had their career unfolded? I found inspiration on their websites and blogs, so when my book came out, I decided to do the same, and tell my own story.

What types of blogs do you follow?  I follow … authors, painters, poets, photographers, chefs, and humourists.  I also follow blogs about writing craft, indie book news, and book reviews.

Early bird or night owl?   I’m an early riser, but when I’m on a writing spurt, the clock loses its hold on me. Against all advice, I don’t keep to a regular posting schedule. It takes the pressure off so I never feel like I HAVE to post. It also means when I do post, it’s because something exciting, interesting or funny has happened, and those are the posts I love to write.

Coffee or tea?  Coffee in the morning, Tea in the afternoon.

Most recent binge watch:  Nashville

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