Who’s That Blogger? Cathy from What Cathy Read Next


Blogmaster:  Cathy

Blog name: What Cathy Read Next on WordPress

Type of blog: Book reviews

Where in the world?  Reading, United Kingdom

Blogging since when?  November 2016 – I’m a newbie!

What’s your story? I’d posted book reviews on Goodreads for a number of years and then I discovered ARCs and NetGalley. The idea of having the opportunity to review books before they are published and sharing my reviews with a wider audience really appealed.  So, my blog was born!

What types of blogs do you follow?  Lots and lots of book blogs!  In my early days of blogging I found it so helpful to visit other blogs to get tips on writing reviews, enhancing the look of my blog, social media channels, etc.  The downside is I’ve added considerably to my TBR pile because of all the wonderful reviews!

Early bird or night owl? In life – night owl.  In books – both – because I like to read in bed morning and evening.  As a blogger – neither – my most productive time is the afternoon when the chores are done, the evening meal planned and it’s nice and quiet.

Coffee or tea?  Coffee (cappuccino) in the morning, tea (builder’s) in the afternoon

Most recent binge watch (or other obsession):  I’m not really a binge watcher but my other love is gardening, in particular growing my own fruit & veg, so I’ll happily spend rainy days watching gardening programmes back to back.

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