What’s That Book? Looking for Guest Book Reviewers!


Image: Pixabay

Hey book readers and book bloggers!  Are you one of those people who is always checking out what other people are reading?  Have you ever pretended to consider a spot on the beach, just so you could get a better look at the book in your fellow sunbather’s hands?  When you see someone reading one of your favorites, is it hard to keep yourself from running over and gushing about the pages within?

Image: Pixabay

Well…I’m one of those nosy, bookie people who just has to know the answer to “What’s That Book?”

What’s That Book is a great opportunity to share your recent read and a little something about yourself.  Its simple format and quick synopsis make it easy for the rest of us to find their next great book.

Check out these popular What’s That Book posts:

Brooklyn by Colm Toibin

The Year of the Runaways by Sunjeev Sahota

Their Fifteen Minutes:  Biographical Sketches of the Lindbergh Case

So indulge my nosy nature before
I embarrass friends and family on my next outing!

Email bvitelli2009@gmail.com

for a What’s That Book template and let’s start sharing!

Thanks for reading – come back soon!  

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