Who’s That Blogger? Sarah Brentyn


Blogmaster:  Sarah Brentyn

Blog names: Lemon Shark and my fiction blog, Lemon Shark Reef

Type of blog: I suppose Lemon Shark is an eclectic blog focusing mostly on my thoughts about life and writing and surviving the aforementioned.

Where in the world?  Ooh! I know this one! “Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?” Score ten for the Shark.

Blogging since when? I don’t really keep track of these things. However, there’s a handy list on the side of my blog so, with just a peek, I can see I’ve been blogging at Lemon Shark since…2014.

What’s your story? What is my story? “It was a dark and stormy night…” Damn! Taken. My blogging story is odd. Why? Because, although I have a blog (two, actually, I have two and, yes, I know that’s not a “good idea” or whatever but I have a fiction blog called Lemon Shark Reef) and…where was I? Right, although I have a blog (two!), I don’t consider myself a blogger. So that’s the odd I was referring to: I’m participating in a series on bloggers and I don’t think of myself as one.

What types of blogs do you follow? I follow all sorts of blogs: personal, travel, education, writing, book reviews, movie reviews, poetry, photography…

Early bird or night owl? Owl. I am definitely an owl. I’ve always been an owl. I love owls. (Now I’m just trying to see how many times I can fit the word “owl” into this answer.) Owl. Is that six? And, wow, I would love to sleep during the day. Like an owl. Seven.

Coffee or tea? Both. Coffee: I like my sugar with coffee and cream. (Credit: Beastie Boys and, then, me) Tea: I don’t drink “tea”. I know. I just said I did. I drink “herbal tea” which is a misnomer. It has no tea leaves in it so, technically, it’s not tea. I’m done. Apologies.

Most recent binge watch (or other obsession): Alias. (Just started binge-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Again.)


Check out these recent posts on Lemon Shark and hop over Lemon Shark Reef to enjoy Sarah’s flash fiction!

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Hey bloggers!  Are you interested in expanding your blogging world?  Email bvitelli2009@gmail.com to be featured on Who’s That Blogger!

Thanks for visiting – come back soon!

26 thoughts on “Who’s That Blogger? Sarah Brentyn

  1. Thanks so much for having me here today, Barbara. Had a bit of fun with this one. 🙂 I’m thrilled to be part of your awesome “Who’s That Blogger” series. ❤ It looks fantastic! Love the banners.

  2. Reblogged this on Lemon Shark and commented:
    I’m over at Barbara Vitelli’s today with a fun interview for her awesome new series called “Who’s That Blogger”. I’m delighted to be back at her place for a cuppa and some laughs. Barbara (aka Book Club Mom) is a fab book blogger and lovely lady. Please check out the interview, leave a comment there, and peek around her blog. Cheers!

  3. Sarah is a star turn in the blogosphere though as she’s not a blogger apparently I suppose she’ll be drummed out by the blogomistress but she’s sure to re-emerge as a branded yoghurt or evolve into an bird of some sort.. a wol, yes that’ll be it. But only when she goes awol – I really wish I hadn’t done that. Sorry. I’ll clean it up later…

    1. The blogomistress? I’m intrigued. And a little frightened. We could combine and brand it as “Phoenix Yoghurt”. Kill two birds with one blog? I’ve got some cleaning up to do now, too. You do bring out the best in me. 😄

  4. Great post, Sarah. Thanks for hosting her, Barbara. Is Sarah the elusive blogger, the mysterious blogger, the non-blogger? No, I think she must be the fictional blogger. Who do you think you are kidding, Sarah? I think we decided once that if we write, we are writers; so if we blog, aren’t we bloggers? I smiled all the way through your humorous post. Thank you, to both of you.

    1. Oh, dear. You’ve trapped me. I suppose you’re correct (technically) but still… I do like the sound of “the mysterious blogger”. 🙂 Glad I got you smiling. Barbara allowed me to be myself and silliness ensued. These are my favorite kind of interviews.

  5. A fun interview, Barbara and Sarah. Sarah, you are a blogger if you blog. That’s how it works, silly. I can see from other comments that you are not getting away with that one. Own up, girl. Ha ha. And I appreciate your distinction between tea and tisane since this post seems to be about definitions of things. Very entertaining. 😀

    1. Really, though? I mean I have a blog (two) but… I don’t know. Blogger? Anyway, the interview was fun. 😀 Ha! I didn’t mean to have it become a definition post but I guess you’re right. And I couldn’t let the tea thing just sit there. I drink A LOT of herbal “tea”. Tisane. Don’t see that word too often. You’re awesome…I’m such a word nerd.

    1. Hey sweet Helen, you’ve got props
      Never known to let the beat…drop

      Thanks. 😀 You know… Sarah B likes to keep it clean, step inside the party disrupt the whole scene. (Someone, please, make it stop!)

  6. Loved it. And I’ve been debating about Alias. Since this comes with another recommendation, I might have to binge watch it now that I have a Netflix trial. 🙂

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