Who were the Twelve Olympians and what were the Eleusinian Mysteries?

These strong personalities get into plenty of sibling conflicts and when they appear in Jordanna Brodsky’s Olympus Bound series.

Book Club Mom

I’m more than halfway through The Immortals, Book 1 of Jordanna Max Brodsky’s new fantasy series and I’m excited to read more about her strong heroine, Selene DiSilva, known more than 2,000 years ago as the Greek goddess Artemis.

The Immortals
Here’s the premise of Book I:  Imagine if the Twelve Olympians from ancient Greek mythology were living among us, using modern names and working at modern jobs.  They have observed the passage of time in a way mortal beings cannot comprehend.  But time has taken its toll on these deities and some of their powers are beginning to fade.

When a crime spree resembling the cult of the Eleusinian Mysteries takes over New York, Selene (Artemis) wonders if the crimes have anything to do with the original twelve.  As Selene and a Columbia University professor investigate the death of a female historian, they find themselves caught in a series of…

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