Who’s That Indie Author? M.L. Ruscsak


Author name:  M.L. Ruscsak

Genre:  Fantasy

Books:  The New Reign (Book 1: Of Lite and Darke)

Bio:  After a life changing medical event in 2011, Melisa started writing as a way not only communicate, but to put her thoughts and dreams in order. Not a year later, she would meet the man who would inspire her to not only continue to write, but to seek to publish her work. After a year of writing, the birth of Of Lite and Darke would begin to take hold. In early 2016, She would ready for print.

Favorite thing about being a writer:  Sharing my stories with others

Biggest challenge as an indie author:  Getting the word out about the book

Favorite bookThe Black Jewels by Anne Bishop

Contact Information – website: Of Lite and Darke

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One thought on “Who’s That Indie Author? M.L. Ruscsak

  1. Nice to meet Melissa her. Good luck with your challenges (as an Indie author myself, I totally agree with the biggest challenge) The answer? – just keep on writing!!

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