Out with the flu – new post tomorrow!

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I got slammed with the flu and have not been able to post.  But stay tuned for a new post tomorrow.  I’ll be back in the blogging world soon…

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…and next year I’ll get a flu shot even though I tend to faint when I get a shot!

Thank you for reading.  Here’s what’s coming up:

A new Who’s That Indie Author

A review of Calmer Secrets by Jennifer Kelland Perry
Great follow-up to Calmer Girls!

A review of The Seneca Scourge by Carrie Rubin
Wild and exciting medical thriller!

See  you soon!


35 thoughts on “Out with the flu – new post tomorrow!

  1. Despite no science to support it, I still feel responsible for you getting the flu seeing as how you were reading my book about a flu outbreak when you got it. And on a plane no less, which is the book’s opening scene. Oh man, I owe you big time. 😁 (And thank you! I’m honored you read a second book of mine.)

    1. Oh Carrie! I don’t blame you!! I thought it was a crazy coincidence! Now I need someone to hold my hand next year for the flu shot and catch me when I fall! 😀😬

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