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Blogmaster:  Narin

Blog name: Narin Reads – narinreads.com

Type of blog: Predominantly book reviews and experiences of museums/exhibitions/culture and heritage in general – I’ve just started publishing a monthly newsletter about museums in London too!

Where in the world?  London, UK

Blogging since when? I began the blog in August 2016 but I’ve been blogging properly since December.

What’s your story?  I’ve always tried blogging and never succeeded, I always had other responsibilities and thought ‘oh what’s the point?’ and gave up. I started this specific blog after coming across a list of forty two books that all book lovers should apparently read – I’d read three. It was at that point I realized that I’d lost a part of me as I’d grown up and wanted to get to know the younger me again. Reading this list of books and writing reviews on them, I believed, would help me in this. It has, it’s helped a lot!

What types of blogs do you follow? It varies, if I like the content then I’ll follow it. Lots of book review blogs, of course as well as political commentary/opinion and photography. Anything cooking/vegan related I’ll follow too.

Early bird or night owl? (how do you make time for blogging?) I blog whenever I can. If I’m not reading on the train then I’m typing on my phone, at work when I get a moment, at home in bed… basically, when and if I can fit it in I will.

Coffee or tea? Black coffee all day, everyday – literally all day

Most recent binge watch: I don’t watch much TV but I am a massive fan of The Last Kingdom. It’s just started its second series here in the UK – I love Brida, she’s definitely one of my favourite characters on TV. I can promise you that I’ll be catching up on Switched at Birth at some point in the near future too…

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  1. I’d love to sign up for the museums in London newsletter! Is there a link directly to it? I might be headed to London this year and always enjoy hearing about interesting places to visit.

    1. Hi Carrie, there isn’t a newsletter (yet) but you can follow Museums Monthly on Twitter @museumsmonthly

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