Who’s That Blogger? A.S. Akkalon


Blogmaster:  A.S. Akkalon (Alecia)

Blog name: A.S. Akkalon – Fantasy Author at asakkalon.com

Type of blog: Author blog. That is, I’m an (as yet unpublished) author, and it’s my blog. I give bad advice on all kinds of matters, such as how to use internet marketing techniques to write a successful job application, share random silliness, such as why you should get romantically involved with a dinosaur, and occasionally talk about reading and writing books.

Where in the world?  Middle Earth, aka New Zealand

Blogging since when? October 2016

What’s your story? I got serious about writing and publishing fantasy books, and decided I needed a log cabin to call my own in the wilderness of the internet. Right now my blog has mostly helped me make friends with a wonderful group of writers from all nooks of the planet, but in the future I hope it will be a place where people who enjoy my books (please let there be people who enjoy my books!) can come to get to know me personally.

What types of blogs do you follow? I follow a lot of different types of blogs for different reasons: the blogs of my online friends because I care what they have to say no matter what they’re talking about; advice blogs on writing craft, publishing, and book marketing to supplement the millions of books I read on these subjects; blogs of other writers to get insight into their writing and publishing journeys; and humorous and random blogs that make me smile, because smiling is even better than chocolate.

Early bird or night owl? I’m an early bird, meaning my brain switches off at 9pm, but on weekdays I blog in the evening because I have other things that have to happen first, like working to earn money to pay for my internet connection.

Coffee or tea? Don’t tempt me, I’m trying to cut back!

Most recent binge watch or other obsession: Burn Notice, because it’s funny and clever, and because spies!

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6 thoughts on “Who’s That Blogger? A.S. Akkalon

  1. Barbara, this is a lovely interview with Alecia! 😀 Alecia, I love the idea of a ‘log cabin to call my own in the wilderness of the internet.’ Poetically put! Good luck with cutting back on the caffeine…I’ve been trying with chocolate but some always seems to find me on my computer – don’t have a clue how it got there!😀

    1. Hi, Annika. I’m glad you enjoyed the interview. 🙂 Chocolate is terribly sneaky like that. I suspect it’s in league with coffee. I drink a cup and tell myself I’m not going to have another, and somehow my cup ends up full of coffee again. Of course, at that point I have to drink it so I don’t offend the coffee elves. Life is hard!

    1. Hi, Sarah! Great to see you here too. The world is a small and chocolatey place. 🙂

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