Who’s That Blogger? Giselle Roeder


Blogmaster:  Giselle Roeder

Blog name:  giselleroeder.com

Type of blog:  History of WWII, Travel, Life in general, Adoption, interesting people, Health & Lifestyle, Books including my own, Love, Seniors and more.

Where in the world?  Canada

Blogging since when?  2014

What’s your story?  My book We Don’t Talk About That made a splash after publishing, was front page news in 2014 and I was advised to be present on social media. I have a webmaster who set up a website. After I learned a bit more I enjoyed posting my stories. I also belong to a Writer’s Group and the stories I write there have to do with my life experiences and I wanted to share! It is actually my main drive, to SHARE! I am told that my blogs are not just entertaining but always somehow educational. That’s my aim.  And, to make people THINK!

What types of blogs do you follow?  About new books of every genre, lifestyle, book writing & marketing blogs since there is so much to learn, travel, photography, animals, relationships. I enjoy reading about personal experiences of other bloggers.

Early bird or night owl?  My best time are quiet evenings. Often I get up in the middle of the night to write. Not just blogs, also working on my next book.

Coffee or tea?  Midmorning I have what I call “the second cup” – it’s the water run-through a second time on a used Keurig cup. It looks like tea but still has some coffee taste and is strong enough for me. Black tea rarely, but herb and green tea. My main hydration comes from water mixed with juice, cranberry, grape or apple juice.

Most recent binge watch or other obsession:  Chocolate! Oh yahh, I have to watch that! At least I look for the dark one. But I also watch the scale and know when to stop.

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