Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

Celebrating four years of blogging this month! Here’s my first post ever – Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell – a classic historical fiction during a shameful time. What’s your take? Can good people exist on the wrong side of morality? Does Mitchell portray realistic characters? Is the story still enjoyable despite the subject?

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Gone with the Wind book cover
Gone With the Wind
Margaret Mitchell


As with all great classics, I am hard-pressed to say anything original about Gone With the Wind. This is my second reading and I still love the book. If you have seen the movie, but have not read the book, read the book. There is a great deal more that will only add to your enjoyment of the story line.

Some things I did not know about Margaret Mitchell made re-reading the book all the more interesting (thank you Wikipedia). Mitchell’s maternal great-grandfather was from Ireland and settled on a slave-holding plantation in Georgia. Her grandfather fought in the Civil War and made a lot of money in the lumber business after the war (just like Scarlett!). As a young girl, Mitchell heard a lot of Civil War stories from her relatives and visited the ruined plantations in Georgia. And, most…

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15 thoughts on “Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

  1. I l91st track at 28 times Re-reading this. Its now only an annual and only my favorite parts. It made me into a reader, civil war freak. Even in 1975 as a teen I couldn’t understand why she wrote the slaves speech in such a demeaning way.

  2. Congrats on four years of blogging…and on another re-read of GWTW. I read it at least three times, but that was many years ago. I have a hardcover copy sitting on my nightstand waiting for another one.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Congratulations on four years of blogging! What an achievement. I read and commented on your first post. 🙂

  4. Congratulations on four years!
    I’ve seen the movie several times but never read the book though my wife has. She loved it.
    Do you think there should have been a sequel to the book/movie?

    1. Thank you George. Someone did write a sequel and I read it but it wasn’t very good. I think it was called Scarlett. There’s only one GWTW!

  5. Fabulous first post, Barbara! 🙂 Love seeing where we started and how far we’ve come. Congrats on four years.

    I’ve actually never read this but have seen the film a few times. It’s a tough one, like you said, a shameful time period but I always enjoyed watching the film.

    1. Thank you Sarah. The movie is excellent and I love the Scarlet/Rhett dynamic. I also think both do a good job of portraying the South after the war – though I am from the north so I can’t say for sure.

  6. Wow! That’s a terrific first post, Barbara! 😀 Congratulations on four years of blogging!!😀 As for the book, I’ve never read it and barely seen the film (only as very young and bored!) – this is a great review but not sure one I’d read.

  7. I love Gone with the Wind and your post made me want to read it again. I hadn’t heard those things about Margaret Mitchell – that’s interesting that her family background must have helped to make her characters more realistic. It’s true that some parts can be disturbing, but I just figure historical figures or characters are products of the time period. In a way that shouldn’t fully excuse them, but it’s hard to judge them when our way of thinking is so different. Mostly, I just love Scarlett’s spunk and the Civil War background.

    Thinking about all this made me think of Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus – you might like that one if you haven’t read it.

    1. Thanks Sheila for your GWTW input. I loved the Scarlet/Rhett dynamic – what great dialogue!! I’ll look out for The Redemption of Christopher Columbus – thanks for the recommendation. Happy reading and writing!

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