Who’s That Blogger? Amy L. Sauder


Blogmaster:  Amy L Sauder

Blog name:  Amy L. Sauder – Creations: from Creations: from “Once Upon” to “Ever After”  – AmyLSauder.wordpress.com

Type of blog: Creative living

Where in the world?  USA

Blogging since when?  2014

What’s your story? I started a blog to have my own place to document my creative journey “from ‘once upon’ to ‘ever after.’” Sharing my creative life, in mediums that I’m comfortable and confident in, and in mediums that I fumble through in my klutzy way.

What types of blogs do you follow?  Bloggers on creative living or with a creative voice. Some talk about their life, some about fashion, some about writing or reading or story, some share photography, and some share their heart.

Early bird or night owl?  Early bird, however I write in the evening. I get an early start to my day so I can have other obligations finished by evening for blogging. I usually schedule blogs in chunks so I can more readily devote my evenings to other creative endeavors.

Coffee or tea?  Heavily creamered coffee or most preferably a chai latte.

Most recent binge watch or other obsession:  My current guilty pleasure is Rizzoli and Isles – it’s my closest alternative to Gilmore Girls because I can’t get enough of the girl drama <3.

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  1. Thanks for continuing to showcase authors and bloggers! It is so hard to make it as a writer, and people like you make it just a bit easier. We all appreciate it!

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