Defending Jacob by William Landay

From the early archives. Celebrating four years of blogging and sharing some early book reviews.

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defending jacobDefending Jacob
William Landay

3 book marks

What would you do if your teenage son were a murder suspect? This is what Andy and Laurie Barber face when their son Jacob is arrested for the murder of his classmate Ben Rifkin. William Landay shows how the Barbers navigate through the conflicting emotions of doubt and wanting to believe in Jacob’s innocence. And the Barbers’ marriage suffers when Andy reveals a family secret to Laurie that calls Jacob’s behavior into question. The characters explore the interesting questions of nature versus nurture and the science of behavioral genetics.

Although the story is compelling, I was disappointed by the unrealistic characters and unexplained details in the book. I think Jacob’s character, a 14-year-old eighth grader, acts more like a 16-year-old or older, especially in his use of vocabulary and ideas when he talks to his parents. Side characters like Sarah Groehl, Matt Magrath and…

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5 thoughts on “Defending Jacob by William Landay

    1. Hi Norah – thanks for the comment. Yes, I thought I’d share these, since in the early days of blogging, I hadn’t yet met all my wonderful blogging friends! I was still figuring out on my book review style back then, though. Actually, I’m still working on that, four years later!

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