I visited the Hundred Acre Wood on my father’s lap

A tribute to all fathers on Fathers Day!

Book Club Mom


Early one morning, I sat hidden under a card table in our den.  On one wall near the table was a cabinet where I kept my things: books, papers, crayons and my dolls.  I leaned against the open cabinet, and looked at a book my father had given me.  It was the beginning of summer and my brothers and my sister and I had each received a book.  Mine was Now We Are Six, by A.A. Milne, a book of children’s poems.  I, too, was six.  I had just finished Kindergarten and I was still learning to read.  The words in this book were too hard for me.  I didn’t like to read.   I wasn’t a reader the way my sister was, but I pretended an interest, knowing I should.  All through Kindergarten, I memorized the words to books that were read to me.  I pretended to read these…

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