Books and Stories about Horses

After adding Black Beauty by Anna Sewell to my list, I had fun looking back at all these books and stories about horses!

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Why do writers use horses or references to horses in their stories?

Throughout history, horses have represented power, grace, beauty, nobility, strength and freedom.  Different cultures attribute a variety of meanings to horses.  In medieval times, horses were a Celtic symbol of battle, victory and the spoils of war.  The Greeks and Romans also considered horses as powerful symbols of war and victory as well as honor, domination and virility.  In Hindu, the horse is associated with the cosmos.  The Chinese culture uses horses to represent love, endurance, devotion and stability.

Native Americans attribute wisdom and freedom to horses, and believe that a partnership with horses must be respected above all else.

Horses are beautiful animals and anyone who’s been up close to them can feel their power and imagine the wisdom behind their large and soulful eyes.  This small collection of literature shows how many different genres…

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6 thoughts on “Books and Stories about Horses

  1. I think all young girls go through a horse-living period (I did and my daughter really did) and I did collect and or read all sorts of ‘horse’ books.

  2. Loved going thru this great list again! I went to Jane Austen Festival this weekend and found out that an hour away at the Kentucky Horse Park was BreyerFest! For a horse freak I really wished I’d gone to Lexington! Lol. Now I seriously want to re-read Robert the Rose Horse!

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