Who’s That Blogger and Indie Author? Audrey Kalman

Sometimes you’re a blogger and sometimes you’re an indie author and sometimes you’re both! I hope you will take a look at Audrey Kalman’s indie author information at the bottom of this updated post, to learn about her indie author writing success. Thanks for stopping by again!

Book Club Mom


Blogmaster/Indie Author:  Audrey Kalman

Blog name:Audrey Kalman – Fiction with a Dark Edge

Type of blog: Meditations on writing, life, philosophy, art, and culture

Where in the world?  United States

Blogging since when? 2011

What’s your story? When I published my first novel, Dance of Souls, in 2011, I knew it was important to have what we call an “author platform.” At the time, a blog was a necessity. Now, six years later, some people argue that you don’t need a blog any more since you can publish your ideas and opinions on sites like LinkedIn and Medium. But I like being able to completely control my content and presentation. In the beginning, I blogged a lot about the challenges of being an indie author. Now that I’ve published one book and have another scheduled for publication, I write about more general subjects, though still with…

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