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Since football season is once again upon us, I thought it would be fun to look at some interesting football books. Certainly not a comprehensive list, the books below tell about a couple famous quarterbacks, a legendary high school team and offer two good middle school fiction reads.

Friday Night Lights by H.G. Bissinger:  Excellent account of the Permian Panthers high school football team in Odessa, Texas, the “winningest team in Texas history.” Bissinger chronicles the 1988 season and tells the story of the small town that revolves around Friday night games and elevates its players to hero status. If you like to know the real story behind ultra-competitive high school football programs, check out the book and the movie. And for those who like the relationship drama behind any story, the television series is a good choice.

Gunslinger by Jeff Pearlman:  Excellent biography of Brett Favre, one of the most famous NFL quarterbacks to play the game. Favre’s career lasted nearly two decades, playing for the Green Bay Packers and later, the New York Jets and Packers’ rivals, the Minnesota Vikings. Pearlman provides an in-depth look at the ups and downs of Favre’s career and the complex character behind the football legend.

Million Dollar Throw by Mike Lupica:  Great young adult book. A story of 13-year-old Nate, star quarterback for his 8th grade football team. Nate gets a chance to win a million dollars if he throws a thirty-yard pass through a target during half-time at a New England Patriots game. The companion story is about Nate and his best friend Abby who are struggling with health and family issues. Nate’s parents are under financial stress and Abby is losing her eyesight due to a rare condition. These pressures affect Nate’s performance on the football field and, what seemed like a fun contest suddenly becomes too much.

QB1 by Mike Lupica:  a feel-good read geared towards the middle school or early high school reader. Two Texas quarterback brothers, four years apart and sons to a famous quarterback whose NFL career was cut short, Wyatt and Jake Cullen have different challenges. Wyatt is a freshman quarterback for the Texas Longhorns and is living his father’s dream. Younger brother Jake has lived in Wyatt’s shadow for as long as he can remember. The story begins when Jake enters ninth grade as the third-string quarterback, for a coach and team that are still celebrating big brother Wyatt’s leadership the season before.

Through My Eyes by Tim Tebow:  Interesting memoir about Tim Tebow’s high school, college and professional football careers. Written during a period of Tebow mania, this book has few surprises, but fills in the details about the famous quarterback’s early life and explains his personal religious beliefs and message. Not all professional athletes want to be viewed as role models, but they are in the public eye anyway and stories about the bad role models make headlines regularly. Tim Tebow wants to be out there in a positive way. He wants to be noticed and, besides sending his religious message, his biggest goal, a kid himself, is to reach out to kids. If you can take the rest of it, then he’s your man.

Check out a comprehensive Amazon list of football books here.

Click here for an Amazon list of children’s football books.

What football books can you add to this list?

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10 thoughts on “Books about football

    1. Yes, I thought FNL was a very interesting book and the movie was very entertaining. Yes, when the football player is cute, I’m willing to cut some slack! It’s so funny you bring up Jim McMahon because we were just talking about him at dinner last night and about the years he played for the Phila Eagles.

  1. I am so not a football fan… but I loved The Blind Side by Michael Lewis (better than the movie, IMHO). I couldn’t believe I was reading a football book, but I just couldn’t put it down!

    1. Hi Lisa – yes, The Blind Side is a great addition! I have only seen the movie, but like most book/movie combos, I’m sure the book was better than the movie. I actually thought the movie was very good. I’ll have to read the book some day. Thanks for stopping in!

      1. The book was so interesting to me (and again, this is a shocking thing for me to admit) because it explained so much about football, why the different positions matter, what role they play, etc. I still can’t believe that I enjoyed it –but I really did.

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    Congratulations to the Super Bowl World Champions, the Philadelphia Eagles and their loyal fans! A great story and a well-deserved victory! If you didn’t get enough exciting football last night, here are some great football reads.

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