NetGalley – so many more books to read and review!

I’m excited to be a new member of NetGalley and I’m looking forward to reading something so brand new it’s not even on the shelves. I already feel like an insider!

I will learn over time what works best for me, but in the meantime, I’d love to hear tips and comments from other NetGalley members.

  • How often do you read titles from NetGalley?
  • What devices do you read your NetGalley books on?
  • Do you still read books that have already been published?
  • Do you interact on NetGalley with other reviewers?
  • Has a NetGalley membership broadened your blogging community?

Thanks for visiting and happy reading!

29 thoughts on “NetGalley – so many more books to read and review!

  1. I have not figured out how to see other reviewers to communicate with them yet. I started Netgalley in April. I love it. I read books that are published and not published yet. I have had a few publishers reach out to me from there asking me to read a book. I really do like it. Welcome to the Netgalley family. 🙂

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Patty! I wasn’t sure if there was a social media feature to NetGalley – since I had to set up a profile. I’m looking forward to reading new titles!

  2. I don’t read books from Net Galley since I’m not a formal reviewer, but my own book should be available on the site for an early read and review this fall. It’s with my publisher now. Everything in this business is a waiting game, isn’t it? 😁

    1. Yes it is! I am also interested in uploading my dad’s new book for review. This is step one! Thanks for commenting and good luck with your new book. Do you have a title?

      1. Thanks. TSS was more of a science fiction twist (though I don’t read science fiction so funny I went there!), whereas this one is more supernatural. Involves Vodou. Boo!

  3. Barbara, congratulations on becoming part of NetGalley! As you know I’ve reviewed for them for nearly two years and enjoy it very much. My only problem is that the books are often so tempting and now have a big backlog of books to review. As I don’t want my blog to become just book reviews I post occasionally. I read the books on my kindle and still buy other books myself and read indie books too…there is just not enough time for all that reading. Whilst I don’t interact much on NetGalley itself I have had contact back and forth with various publishing houses which is lovely and a welcome personal touch. Good luck and enjoy the books…can’t wait for reviews and more books which I’ll want to read! 😀😀

  4. I love NetGalley! I’m glad you joined ❤
    I used to get quite carried away but now I only request a few per month. In June, September seemed SOOOO far away but then September came and I still had so many to review. I will catch up eventually but until I do I'm trying not to request any more (though it's really hard!).
    I read my NG books on my Kindle.
    Yes I still do read and review books that have already been published, physical arcs, etc.
    I've never interacted with other reviewers on there (I wasn't sure there was a way).

    I hope you love it and read lots of great books!! I look forward to your reviews 😀

  5. I’ve looked into putting my book son Net Galley, but it’s one of those things on my to-do list I keep forgetting to do. This post is a good reminder of something I need to do now that I now it’s being used by real people!

  6. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy NetGalley! I’ve read some great books from there, but my advice would be to be cautious with your requests! It’s easy to get overloaded and fall behind — and that has always led to me feeling guilty for not reading the books I requested, and pressured to read the NG books and nothing else. These days, I’m a lot more selective about what I request, and try to only ask for books that I’m sure I’ll want to read.

    On a different note, be aware that some galleys from NG can be very difficult to read because of formatting issues. I read my NG review copies on my Kindle, but it’s very hit or miss in terms of whether things like chapter breaks, line breaks, etc will be functional. At this point, I pretty much stop reading if the formatting is a problem because it ends up impacting my enjoyment of the book — I’d rather try again with a final product in my hands via the library so I can give it a fair chance.

    1. Hi Lisa! Thanks for this advice. I can already see how I might feel if I had too many books on my “shelf” from NetGalley. I’m reading a book now and the formatting is fine but I agree bad formatting would be a distraction. Thanks for reading and commenting! Happy reading!

  7. Netgalley is pretty awesome because you get access to so many great titles. I have been in contact with a few authors because of Netgalley too! It can be daunting if you get approved for too many titles at once though, lol!

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