Blog views and other obsessions – the early days


I barely knew what a blog was when I first started blogging. I had no concept of what good content was and what may be uh, a little boring. So I stumbled through some awkward posts and tried to find my rhythm. For a while, I thought I had to say something, all the time, which led to some embarrassing fluff.

So in the spirit of sharing the bad with the good, here are a few of my more clueless and cringe-worthy posts, taken from my first year of blogging:

The Idiot:  thought-provoking with an excellent plot – 8/20/13 – Not sure why I thought I could analyze a book by Dostoyevsky in 262 words or why I didn’t mention the author in my post title. I wonder if Dostoyevsky would be pleased that I thought he was good at plots?

I’m looking for answers! – 1/27/14 –  If you dare click on this one, shield your eyes from some very large type. I think I was looking for attention, not answers!

How to make “Dirt” for 30 hungry lacrosse players – 3/25/14 – I don’t remember thinking I would turn my blog into a recipe how-to, but here it is. Fortunately it was a one and done. The recipe’s a good one though!

I often think about removing these posts, but looking back on them reminds me that for all bloggers, finding your way in the blogging world is a gradual process and it never stops. Your blog is always evolving, so go with that flow, move on from the less popular posts and trust your new ideas!

Thanks for visiting – come back soon!

16 thoughts on “Blog views and other obsessions – the early days

  1. I love your big font in the “looking for answers” one. It’s easier on my aging eyes. 😁

    Cool that you posted this. I’m sure none of us notice the things you do. We’re always our own worst critics!

  2. I’ve gone back and read some of my own from the beginning. I cringed. I laughed. I let my eye brows raise fearfully off of the top of my head. But…. we learn….. 😉 Happy New Year BCM!!!

  3. Cringe-worthy posts? I think we are all guilty of that, Barbara. I wonder if I have the guts to re-share some of mine? Hmm, maybe not.
    Your Idiot post was wonderful! I read it to my husband who is working his way through all of Dostoyevsky’s works at the moment, and he liked it. 🙂

  4. You are so hard on yourself, Barbara! But yes, it’s fun to go back to our blogging beginnings, and see ‘how far’ we’ve come. But some of my earlier posts I actually enjoy, but I had few followers back then. Do you ever reblog some of your favorite posts?
    Here’s to blogging in 2018, even if they include short takes on Dostoyevsky and dirt. 🙂

  5. I think you’re being too hard on yourself too. Blogging is something we all figure out as we go along, and we’ve all had a few cringe-worthy posts (to ourselves, that is. Most others don’t notice anything wrong with them). Heck, it took me three months just to figure out what a “tag” was, so I didn’t tag any of my early posts. And I honestly thought that I had to post something new every four days, or there would be dire consequences…..

  6. How did you manage to get such a big font on WP? I find only the basic single sized one quite restrictive and actually liked yours here! Oh, it’s always fun to go through those early posts…and I bet it doesn’t seem so long since you posted them?!

  7. I’m considering the same thing right now, Barbara – deleting some of my earlier posts or stick to them 😂 In the end I think it’s nice to show a bit of evolution especially for yourself and I tend to keeping them – for now 😉

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