On retirement and writing careers…

Fred Rohn shares a page from A Fortunate Life. Image: Christine Lee

Are you thinking of starting a writing career? Do you think it’s too late? It’s not! Many retired seniors are embarking on second and third careers as writers.

Last year I helped my father, Fred Rohn, publish his memoir, A Fortunate Life. Now 91, he retired from busy careers in public accounting and venture capital investing and began his third career as a full-time writer.

We got our feet wet with A Fortunate Life and are ready to submit a manuscript for a new book, this one a collection of short fiction. It’s called Encounters and depicts conflict in the human relationship. In some stories, the conflict is resolved. In others, the characters move on. His stories show how individual perceptions can drive relationships in either direction. Encounters will be published this spring.

My father has done his job, now it’s my turn to edit, proofread and handle the details, including marketing and promotion. Meanwhile, he is busy with a new book idea. He describes his next book in this recent interview with the Madison Eagle.

Now I’ve started a book on aging and how aging seniors, particularly those who are 85 or older, relate to society as they have to confront and meet it today and how they would hope that people would react to them…

Video by Christine Lee


You can watch the entire interview here, proof that it’s never too late to embark on a writing career!

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25 thoughts on “On retirement and writing careers…

  1. Your dad is really amazing, Barb! My dad has recently written of the memories and experiences of his life and has reflected on how they shaped him. He shared it in a softcopy version with all of his children and grandchildren. My youngest brother printed it and have it to all of us at Christmas time. It is a treasure!

  2. Barbara, what a great guy!! 😀 I’m smiling seeing this video of your father. A wonderfully varied life and I love how he kept retiring from various careers before launching himself in another direction. And finally writing!! Such a learned and interesting man and kudos to him on his writing. Both the memoir and short story collection sound terrific…good luck with the proofreading, editing, promotion etc…I reckon he’s going to keep you very busy! xx

    1. Hi Annika – thanks for stopping by. Yes it’s a little busy at the moment but I have my son helping me proofread so I feel more confident about the manuscript. Also a lot of fun!

  3. This is a wonderful story and I enjoyed very much listening to your father’s interview. New career in
    writing.! Yes! We need to hear more stories like this as there often is a negative attitude against anyone once
    they retired. One of the – isms.😊 .
    I wish him wonderful success in his writing and he should have a lot to draw on with such an interestingly varied career.

  4. Best of luck to your dad! I enjoyed watching the interview. Congrats to you, too. I know from experience editing and polishing a family member’s writing can be a lot of work. As we’ve talked about before, my dad is the same age and also a writer. I’ll have to show him this post. 🙂

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