When you’re looking for ways to promote your book…

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If you’re an indie author, you know that it’s up to you to get your name and book out there for people to see. That could be fun if you like marketing. But if you don’t or you’re busy, you may be looking for simple ways to spread the word.


Why not submit an author profile for Who’s That Indie Author?

Share your story, promote your book and get some recognition for the hard work you put into your writing!

Email bvitelli2009@gmail.com for an indie author template. Profiles are posted weekly and shared on Facebook and Twitter.

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9 thoughts on “When you’re looking for ways to promote your book…

  1. As an indie author who has taken you up on your generous offer, I heartily encourage others to do so — and thank you for continuing to promote and support writers and avid readers!

  2. Thanks for providing this opportunity! For anyone considering it, the process is super easy so you’re crazy not to go for it (although I should have contained my excitement and done mine closer to a book release…oops).

  3. What a wonderfully generous idea, Barbara. Self-promotion is hard work. It is great to have the support of people like you.

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