Who’s That Indie Author? Annika Perry


Author name:  Annika Perry

Genre:  Contemporary Fiction / Short Stories

Book:  The Storyteller Speaks

Bio:  Although writing has been a lifetime passion for Annika, her route to full-time writing has been circuitous. She formerly worked within journalism and the timber trade before severe illness followed by motherhood gave her an opportunity to pursue her dream. The Storyteller Speaks, a collection of short stories, flash fiction and poetry, is Annika’s debut book. She has also written a novel, Island Girl, which is in its final editing stages as well as two, as yet unpublished, books for younger children. Annika is an avid reader (a world without books is unimaginable to her), a keen gardener, walker and she enjoys travel (in spite of her well-documented fear of flying!)

Favorite thing about being a writer:  The very act of writing, of losing myself in the story and gradually letting itself unravel to me. It is pure magic when the characters almost come to life, speak to me and lead me along unexpected paths to surprise endings. Finally it is a richness to be able to share my work and know it reaches people’s hearts.

Biggest challenge as an indie author:  Never having enough time in a day! Whilst publishing my book I realised the writing element was the easy part! The time and work involved in self-publishing is immense, even with excellent support, and consumes the hours in the day. On top of this, my blog, promotion and publishing problems (I’m currently sorting out an issue with Amazon) eats into a day.

Favorite books:  Here are just a few! The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce; If This Is a Man by Primo Levi; An Evil Cradling by Brian Keenan; Illusions by Richard Bach; The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkein; All the Light We Cannot See by Alexander Doer; The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey; The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith.

Contact Information:
Blog: annikaperry.com
Twitter:  @AnnikaPerry68
Amazon: Annika Perry

Goodreads: Annika Perry 

Awards/special recognition:  First Prize in Writing Magazine Short Story competition in 2014; Short-listed in InkTears Short Story competition in 2015.

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21 thoughts on “Who’s That Indie Author? Annika Perry

  1. Barbara,it’s a delight to be featured here … I never imagined it all the time I’ve been following your blog and known you here on WP! 😀 Thank you so much! Your favourite book question gave me the jitters…so hard to choose just a few! Xxxxx

  2. Congratulations, Annika! That’s great having a book published. I wrote two books so far, but I am just not good enough in self publishing issues and self marketing. They still lie in my drawer and wonder if they will ever see the world.

    1. Cecilia, congratulations on completing two books!😀 That is a huge achievement. Once edited and proofread the next major step is finding some professional help with proofreading, copy editing and finally formatting. I could not have published my book myself, or if I’d tried it would have been a poor imitation of the book now on sale. David Cronin at Moyhill Publishing is excellent and a true professional who helped me achieve my lifelong dream! I wish you best of luck with your endeavours and hope your books find their way out of the drawer and into publication!

  3. “Never having enough time in a day!”—Yes, yes, I agree! With everything that goes into book publication, finding time to write is the tough part.

    Lovely to see Annika here.

  4. It is a delight to see this lovely authour – Annika Perry – featured today. I have followed her blog for a long time and always been impressed and filled with joy after each post.
    I have read her book and can’t recommend it highly enough. My review is on Amazon.

    As to hard work, it obviously takes a lot of dedication. I have not been there …yet.:) Most things worth while does take passion and dedication.
    Thank you Barbara and continued good fortune to you Annika

    1. Miriam, thank you so much for your wonderful comment (&your review!). I’m so happy my posts fill you with joy …that’s so touching to hear! Of course, there are moments of despair in between! 😀

      You’re right, it takes passion, and dedication for fulfill ones dreams and to do so to the best of ones ability. I’m having a ball … just trying to eek out the hours! I hope you get there too, Miriam with a collection of your poems!

    1. Thank you so much, Jennifer! 😀 Doerr’s book is one of my recent favourites and one that has stayed with me since I read it last year. Wonderful! I know, how can we win more time for ourselves, reading & writing!! It’s both a blessing and a curse! Wishing you a lovely weekend! xxxx

      1. This morning, tired after a busy week, I got fed up with not having time to read so just left everything else!! To read!! It was pure bliss …reckon sometimes the demands in our lives just need rejigging if possible!

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