Snow Day Memories

We had quite a winter a few years back, when life revolved around anticipating whether or not there would be school.

Back then I was figuring out what my blog was going to be, and decided to post an occasional poem. Fortunately for you all, I soon switched to only book-related posts, but I saved a couple poems.

We got the word last night that schools would be closed (and the library too!) because a big storm was on its way. Well the storm wasn’t as big as they thought it would be, but that’s okay. So in the spirit of a winter that is hanging on, despite spring being only a couple weeks away, perhaps these little rhymes will remind you of your own school and snow days!

Snow Days

Image: Pixabay

The temp outside is zero,
The kids are home some more,
I think they went to school last week,
I need stuff at the store.

We’ve had lots of family bonding,
A tad too much by rule,
I’m glad the plows worked through the night,
Tomorrow, I think…school!

Snow Day Alert

The call came in at 5:00 am,
I’ve answered quite a few,
It’s been a snowy winter,
I knew just what to do.

When I was once a girl in school,
We heard a different way,
A loud horn told our sleepy town,
There’d be no school that day.

Now I get an email,
And then an auto-call,
It’s posted on the website too,
The message goes to all.

And when I get that message,
My kids know what comes next.
I don’t go door-to-door upstairs.
I tell them with a text!

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28 thoughts on “Snow Day Memories

  1. “I don’t go door-to-door upstairs.
    I tell them with a text!”—Ha, yes, glad to know I’m not the only one who does this, snow day or otherwise. 😄

  2. Aw…what a sweet poem, Barbara! I remember hovering next to the clock radio waiting to hear “Fairfax County Schools are closed today.” Sadly, back then, they didn’t seem to close as often as they do now. 🙂

  3. This certainly brings me back! Up at 5:30 to check the TV for school closings! Kids get to sleep in…I get to stay home from work. Love the poems!!

  4. Those are great – that must have been fun to listen for that horn! I love Snow Days for all the reading possibilities. Happy Snow Day!

    1. Hi Sheila – yes it was fun and definitely “old school” to lie in bed and listen for the horn! Always a great excuse to curl up with a book too! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  5. That’s cute, Barbara. I like that you now let your kids know there’s no school with a text. I remember when texting first was, I thought it too ridiculous to text to another in the house. Not any more! 🙂

  6. Such cute poems! I loved reading these. I can still remember how exciting it was to have snow days. It seems like the weather is so different now. We’ve had many mild winters, but this winter was a great one! Lots of snow. 😉 Thanks for sharing these! Take care. ❤

    1. Hi! Yes, we’ve had more snow days than usual, but I think we’re finished. As long as the power (and heat) don’t go off, I’m good. Thanks for reading and commenting – I appreciate your support!

  7. What fun poems! Thankfully, Old Man Winter might have finally got booted out of the Pacific Northwest (he tiptoed back in for a while when we weren’t looking).

    1. Hi Tammie – yes I think spring is on the way, though we still have snow on the ground. When you see the crocuses and hear the birds, you know it will happen. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. I’m late to the party here — crazy busy week (but what’s new about that?), but your poems are delightful. I grew up in California, so I missed out on snow days. We did, however, have “rainy day sessions” back in the day. That’s right, school got out early if it was raining. Even I never understood the logic of that since we all walked home or at least walked home from the bus stop, but it’s one reason I loved rain as a kid.

    1. Hi Jan – yes I’ve been crazy busy too – kids home from college and lots of driving and work. I’d never heard of rainy day sessions, but every region has its hazards. Let’s hope we’re finished with snow in the northeast. I hear a new nor’easter is coming, but it will miss us. Thanks for faithfully reading my blog – I really appreciate your support.

  9. Oh dear! All that snow sounds daunting, no school or going out… We never have anything like that in the south of Spain where i live. Take care:) spring is just round the corner!

    1. Yes, it’s part of life here, but not too bad and I’m glad to not be too far north in the U.S. Although I love New England, the winters there are tough, so I prefer a little farther south. And the south of Spain sounds lovely!

      1. The weather is great! There’s some snow in the mountains where people ski. Many families take their kids there once a year to see the snow! When it snows in the towns, even though it melts in a few hours, or even minutes, you have to stop the class as the children watch in awe!

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