Book Review: The Bone Curse by Carrie Rubin

The Bone Curse
Carrie Rubin


Ben Oris doesn’t worry when he is cut by an ancient bone in the Catacombs of Paris. After all, he’s a third-year med student and he knows how to treat a little cut. But something is wrong when he returns to school to begin a rotation in internal medicine. The cut won’t heal and people close to him are getting sick. Has Ben picked up an unknown pathogen? Is there something evil at work? It’s a race against time for Ben and his best friend Laurette, who is sure Ben needs to see a Haitian Vodou priestess.

In The Bone Curse, Carrie Rubin pits science and medicine against the idea of an ancient Haitian curse in an exciting medical thriller that keeps the reader guessing through the final pages. Set in the sweltering heat of Philadelphia summer, the story focuses on three tense weeks during which Ben tries to balance a demanding schedule while friends and family fall like bowling pins. Can he trust Laurette’s mysterious Haitian relatives and contacts?

Rubin tells a great story and develops her characters well. Readers will cheer for Ben, who is charmingly human and chew their nails as he confronts formidable and frightening opponents.

There are many things to like about Rubin’s writing style. One is her humor and understanding of the human condition. What fun to see Ben navigate a complicated love life and looming disaster, yet take a moment, while maneuvering Philly streets, to enjoy his “Bumper-to-bumper, parallel-parking masterpiece.” In addition, readers will enjoy a look into med school politics as Ben fends off rivals and a demanding attending physician. Ben’s modern and realistic family situation rounds out his character, making him both likable and knowable.

Rubin also knows how to keep a story moving by building a fear of the unknown. Vodou curses, blood sacrifices, and strange ceremonies in dark smoky row-house rooms are the backdrops to wild confrontations between murky good and evil characters as Ben does his best to determine who’s on the good side.

The Bone Curse is the first in the Benjamin Oris series of medical thrillers and Rubin rewards her readers with a satisfying finish and promise of more thrills. In addition, hints of a developing relationship between Ben and Laurette will no doubt make Ben’s love life an enticing side-story.

Due out this month, I recommend The Bone Curse to readers who like thrilling books with otherworldly themes.

I received a copy of The Bone Curse from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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26 thoughts on “Book Review: The Bone Curse by Carrie Rubin

  1. This is such a wonderful review. Thank you so much! I’m thrilled you enjoyed the book. You’re such a wonderful supporter of authors and a great resource for authors and readers alike.

  2. I had the chance to be an early reader for this book and I assure you, it’s a winner! You should definitely put this on your reading list.

    1. Definitely not too science-y – just the right amount of medical terminology to make it legit. I meant to say that in my review. There are a few medical references, but they’re the kind you just roll with as part of doctor lingo and they add to the atmosphere. Thanks for stopping by, Stephanie. Hope you are well and glad to see your blog again!

    1. I enjoyed it very much – I’ll have to look into Rachel Grant’s books. Although there is only a bit of archaeology in the beginning of The Bone Curse, it’s an exciting story (with a little romance too ;)! Thanks for reading and commenting, Luccia.

  3. A brilliant review, Barbara and I’m hooked by Carrie’s concept for the book … very intriguing!! Carrie, congratulations on this terrific write-up of your book and best of luck with its release! 😀

  4. Whooeee! I had no doubt that Carrie’s next book would be a good one, but you did a fantastic review on The Bone Curse, and I can’t wait to read it. Plus …. it may be a series, huh? Yeah Carrie. xo

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