Book Review – Encounters: Relationships in Conflict

Many thanks to Jennifer Kelland Perry for this terrific early review of Encounters: Relationships in Conflict by Fred H. Rohn!

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I’ve been reading various collections of short stories lately, the latest of which was written by Fred H. Rohn.
Encounters: Relationships in Conflict is a unique, insightful and entertaining read.

The preface alone is a treat, where Rohn explains how he came to create this collection from accumulated notes and short stories over the years, and how each of them exhibit relationships and the “conflict between people resulting from differing perceptions, often between men and women and between different generations.”

In his preface, he also sets forth the belief that creativity does not have to end as you age, and that many seniors like himself are productive in a variety of artistic and creative endeavors. After all, they’ve lived through some pretty tough experiences which, I surmise, affords them a better grasp and understanding of the human condition. Reading this book only further convinces me of that!

As I…

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5 thoughts on “Book Review – Encounters: Relationships in Conflict

  1. I’m so inspired by your dad doing this project at this time in his life. It makes me think my best years are yet to come.

  2. Is this the flash collection he was working on (creative nonfiction or nonfiction flash) or is that something else? It seems different but not entirely sure. Lovely review.

  3. Hi Book Club Mom! Just wanted to leave a message to see how you are. Haven’t seen you for a while now and just wanted to say I miss you! Hope you’re well. X

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