I am reblogging this wonderful review of Encounters by my father, Fred H. Rohn. What a great Sunday surprise! Thank you, Annika Perry, for such a thoughtful post. He would have been very pleased to know how much you enjoyed reading his short stories!

Annika Perry

EncountersCreativity is wondrous gift and one that has no expiration date! 

This thought came to me whilst reading ‘Encounters’ by Fred. H. Rohn. Fred Rohn came late to writing after a two hugely successful careers in public accounting and venture capital investment behind him. His first book, ‘A Fortunate Life’, was published last year when he was aged 91, followed by ‘Encounters’ this year.

I admire and am in awe at the ease he seemed to have entered his third career. Age was no boundary for him, nor for many other artistic people as he explains in the preface, stating that ‘creativity doesn’t stop as you age’ and Herman Wook still wrote at 102.

I myself also aspire and hope to be writing to the last of my days!

‘Encounters’ is a collection of stories of varying lengths which explore ‘Relationships in Conflict’. All the stories are brilliantly written…

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  1. Your father gives me hope: I can’t imagine not writing, as long as I’m alive. That your father wrote, and wrote well, into his nineties — that some inspiration!

    1. Thank you, Jan. Yes, my dad was filled with ideas and I enjoyed so much hearing them and reading his stories. He was motivated every day to be productive. Thank you for reading and commenting!

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