Summer Reading Challenge – Libraries Rock!

When I think about summer, I think of sitting outside somewhere on a nice warm day, with an iced tea close by and a book in my hand. Summer reads should be fun and not too difficult, right? They should be easy to pick up, put down and pick up again because we all know what happens to our attention spans when the weather gets hot!

Summer reading challenges are in full swing at the library where I work. This year’s theme is Libraries Rock! I’m all signed up and have begun working on my BINGO card. Most of the squares are for reading, but some of them involve attending library programs, visiting museums and signing up for walking challenges. I’m hoping to win a prize, but I’ll have fun even if I don’t!

I’m off to make a pitcher of tea and find a shady spot outside. What about you? Are you doing a summer reading challenge? Hope to see you out there!

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30 thoughts on “Summer Reading Challenge – Libraries Rock!

  1. What a great and fun way to spend summer at one’s local Library! When my daughter was young we spent at least two days a week at our library 😊

    1. Yes when my kids were little I brought them to the same library where I now work. I always thought it would be a great place to work and now it has happened! 😀📚😀📚

    1. For patrons, every square earns a raffle ticket and a 5 in a row BINGO gets you a raffle ticket for the grand prize. For staff, we have a separate raffle basket when we get a BINGO. Thanks for stopping by, Norah!

  2. Barbara, what a splendid idea! I am jealous of your library and their challenge … here the local libraries run events and challenges for the children but never the adults. Maybe I should suggest it -not sure what the uptake would be though. Enjoy your reading and keeping crossing off those squares!

  3. What fun! I just saw that one of the libraries I frequent has a summer reading challenge and I wasn’t quite sure what it was about. I’m going to sign up! And I agree, the best kind of summers are those in which we can sit on our chair iin the front porch with the ice tea next to us and read read read. I just finished Anne Tyler’s Digging to America, it was fantastic. Happy summer reading to you!

  4. No reading challenge for me but I’m such a book nerd, I probably don’t need one:). But libraries DO rock. I walk in, take in the sights and smells, and realize it’s amazing every darn time.

  5. My library is doing a Bingo card for their summer reading challenge as well, but the squares are different than yours. It is encouraging (forcing) me to read things I wouldn’t normally read…for good and bad (if I never read a Western again I will be a very happy reader).

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