The many hats of an indie author

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Indie authors have to wear a lot of hats. Many authors have day jobs and family responsibilities. Writing happens in the early mornings or late at night. Then there’s editing, proofreading, formatting, choosing a publisher, a cover, and all the details that go along with these tasks. And next…there’s book promotion, getting reviews, tweeting, Facebooking, blogging, talking about your book nonstop, every day and doing it in a different way each time so that people notice. Online and in person. Here’s how you may react:

Wait…what? You mean, after everything else, now I have to actually market my book? But I’m busy writing my next one. I’m a writer, not a book promoter!

One way to get the word out is to be part of Who’s That Indie Author, a regular feature here at Book Club Mom. Many indie authors have already been introduced and you can be too! Email for a template and instructions.

And in the meantime, meet these talented indie authors who are busy writing their next books!

M. Barlean –mainstream fiction, suspense, cozy mystery and short fiction

Brysen Mann – psychological thriller, mystery, suspense and science fiction

Annika Perry – contemporary fiction and short fiction

Diana Tarant Schmidt – speculative fiction

Connie Lacy – young adult, historical fiction,
magical realism and climate fiction

K.C. Tansley – young adult time travel mystery

Geoffrey M. Cooper – medical thriller

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4 thoughts on “The many hats of an indie author

  1. Barbara, just a quick thank you again for the letting me be part of ‘Who’s That Indie Author’ – I had a great time visiting your blog and can highly recommend this to other indie writers! 😀😃

  2. Kudos to you Barbara! I know most of these iIndie authors but not all. And the books I’ve read by Indie authors have been fabulous. As an Indie author myself, to answer your question, no-I hate the marketing part! 😱

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