My NetGalley hauls

Hey readers! You probably already know about NetGalley because I was a late joiner. Not really a trendsetter here! But I signed up about a year ago and it has been great. Since I already write book reviews, having an early look at new titles is a lot of fun, with not too much of an extra commitment. I wasn’t sure how well I would do with turnaround, though, so I limited the number of books I requested and held off on new requests until I read the ones NetGalley approved.

I finally finished the last book from my first haul so this week I went on a NetGalley binge and loaded my digital shelf with some new ones!

Here’s what I picked:



The Last Cruise by Kate Christensen (pub. 7/10/18)
No Place Like Home by Rebecca Muddiman (pub. 8/6/2019)
Be Still the Water by Karen Emilson (pub. 7/28/2016)
The Space Within the Silence by Bre Woods (pub. 7/24/2018)
Tap: A Love Story by Tracy Ewens (pub. 7/10/2018)

Just like everyone else, I have a huge TBR pile, so I’ll be mixing these in with books already in the queue.

And here are the NetGalley books I’ve already read and reviewed:



The Flight Attendant by Chris Bohjalian – suspense – 4 bookmarks
The Surrogate by Louise Jensen – suspense – 3 bookmarks
Bunny Mellon by Meryl Gordon – biography – 4 bookmarks
Last Stop in Brooklyn by Lawrence H. Levy – mystery – 4 bookmarks
Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage – suspense – 3.5 bookmarks
The Bone Curse by Carrie Rubin – science thriller – 4 bookmarks
David Bowie: A Life by Dylan Jones – biography – 4 bookmarks

And if you’re wondering about my bookmark system, here’s a quick run-down:

5 bookmarks – best of the best
4 bookmarks – excellent
3 bookmarks – very good
2 bookmarks – okay
1 bookmark- didn’t enjoy it

For more information about NetGalley, visit their website at Are you already on NetGalley? How many books on your shelf?

Thanks for visiting – come back soon!

17 thoughts on “My NetGalley hauls

  1. Great haul! Be Still the Water is one I’m looking forward too. Enjoy and happy reading! ❤

  2. Barbara, this is a great list of books to review and ones already reviewed… I think Netgalley is perfect for you and so happy you joined! I always look forward to your reviews which offer excellent insight and detail about the books. All have such interesting covers and I’m particularly intrigued by The Space Within Silence & Tap: A Love Story! Can’t wait! The Bone Curse is waiting on my Kindle for the summer holidays…always a treat to have good books ready for a full book immersion!

  3. NetGalley is sooooo tempting . . . I’m honestly a little afraid of it. I can see it becoming a beguiling rabbit hole, one I might disappear into and forget to emerge to take care of things like work and laundry and talking to living, three-dimensional people. Forge on, Barbara, on behalf of us more timid souls!

    1. Oh yes, Jan, I know what you mean. But for me, I don’t go crazy on NetGalley and probably won’t request any new titles until I’ve read the ones on my “shelf.” I have so much else on my plate, it’s a nice place to escape to, but I always have one foot on the real ground. Hope you are doing well and that you’re ready for a nice weekend!

  4. I’ve been thinking about using that but I’m not sure. I like actually holding a book. Sounds silly I’m sure. Do you think it’s worth a shot? X

    1. Hi there Books and Bakes! I love having a book in my hand, but my family is a bunch of minimalists, so I have to sneak my books in any way I can! 😉 I do recommend NetGalley as long as you don’t request too many books and then feel overwhelmed. Hope you are enjoying the weekend. I’m about to!

      1. It’s finally the summer holidays now so I can rest and read. Sounds like heaven! Well thank you for your post. I really will look into it. As ever, you’ve been so helpful. X

      2. Enjoy your summer break – it’s such a good feeling to have a span of time to read and relax! Thanks for reading and commenting. Looking forward to some more excursion posts from you! 🙂

      3. That’s so kind. Thank you. My plan is to read as much as I can. I’ll be better at keeping in touch on your blog too. Hope everything is ok Book Club Mom. X

  5. I’ve used Net Galley to get my books out there, so it’s grand for authors, too! You deserve a halo for reviewing books – what authors need and I review, too!

    1. Yes, NetGalley is a great way for authors to get their books out there and to obtain reviews. And of course readers get a good deal out of it too! Thanks for stopping by, Noelle. Hope you had a nice vacation!

  6. NetGalley sounds great for you, Barbara, and I confess to not having heard of it before. What I need is more time to read though. 🙂 Carry on, and I look forward to your reviews. All of these sound great, too!📚📚📚

    1. Oh I know – I need more time to read too! I am always juggling a lot of things, but reading helps me keep it all in balance. Thanks for stopping by and “Carry on” is the way to go!

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