Friday Fiction – “A Man and His Phone” Part 4

“A Man and His Phone” – Part 4

Welcome to Friday Fiction! If you are just jumping into this dating saga, “A Man and His Phone,” here’s a rundown of what’s happening:

Jane is in a twenty-something predicament. Her sometimes boyfriend, Chris, likes his own space and is in no hurry to change his life. Tentative plans to get together have ended in a tense phone call and Chris has powered off his phone. Meanwhile, Jane is determined to make something happen. She’s recruited her friend, Adrienne, to drive with her down to Chris’s apartment and see if he’s still home. What they do then is anyone’s guess!

Now you’re set – read on!

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I-295 S was jammed with cars and Jane and Adrienne were in the middle of the mess.

“Where on earth is everyone going tonight?” Adrienne asked the air. It was pushing eight o’clock and she was itching to go to Karma. She didn’t want to miss her chance to find the guy she’d met last night. Who knew how long it would be before he noticed someone else? She flipped down the visor and checked her hair in the mirror.

“Relax, Adrienne. We have plenty of time. And besides, if we get to Chris’s apartment too early, I won’t be sure if he’s in for the night.”

“Okay, that’s just stupid, Jane. In for the night? How old are you? I only saw Chris from a distance at Zadar’s, but he didn’t look like a guy who pays attention to the clock!” Adrienne flipped up the visor in frustration.

Jane’s thumb was nervously tapping the steering wheel. “Whatever, okay? Let’s just get down there and see what happens. Maybe we’ll see him leave, then we can follow him!”

“Yeah? I don’t think so, Jane. You talked me into a drive-by, not a pursuit. I have my own chase planned.”

Traffic started to move. Jane pressed the accelerator. “Finally!” she exclaimed

“See? There’s his car. He’s still home. I knew it!”

“Okay, so what? You know this is stupid, Jane.” Adrienne checked her phone. Felicia and her friends were out to eat and would meet her at Karma. b there by 10, she tapped in her message.

“Let’s park and go in. I know how to get buzzed into the building. We’ll wait for a group and roll in with them. Then we’ll go up to his floor and check out his apartment from the hall.”

This might have been Jane’s plan, but Adrienne knew she had to take the reins if she had any hope of Karma by 10 o’clock.

“Look, I have an idea,” she said as they walked to the high-rise. “Let’s get inside, then I’ll take the elevator up to Chris’s floor. I’ll see what’s what. You stay in the lobby and I’ll text you when I know something.”

“But I want to see for myself,” Jane complained.

“See what?” Adrienne answered. “A door?”

“Well, I was thinking I would try to look under it. Maybe I could see some feet moving around or hear some music.”

“No, I’ll go up alone. What floor?”

Adrienne stood alone in the elevator and pulled at the hem of her dress. It was a great dress for dancing, but maybe not for espionage. She’d already decided she would not be peering under Chris’s door. She slipped her phone into the discreet pocket sewn flat into her dress and thanked the dress designer gods for thinking of all a woman’s needs. The elevator pinged and opened on the eighth floor. Adrienne fluffed her hair and looked straight into a pair of amused dark eyes.

“Oh, well hello there,” he smiled and looked her up and down. “If you’re looking for a dance floor, you may need to get onto the Ben Franklin first.”

Adrienne was not the type to get flustered, yet she could feel a drip of sweat trickle down her back.

“Yes, well maybe I will,” she answered. Somewhat lame, but she was holding her own. The charmer smiled.

“You look a little familiar,” he said. “I’m Chris, have we met?”

Adrienne stood frozen in the elevator. Chris put out his arm to stop the doors from closing and she thought he looked quite gallant doing so. He made no move to enter and so instead, she stepped out into the hallway. She could feel her phone vibrate. Jane, most likely, anxious for a report. But the update would have to wait…

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