Author Interview with Heather Walsh of Dented Cans and The Drake Equation

From the archives – here’s one of my first author interviews – with Heather Walsh, a self-published author of two books, The Drake Equation and Dented Cans. I enjoyed both of these books and it was great to learn more about Walsh and her writing process!

Book Club Mom

Heather Walsh

I’ve been very interested in the self-publishing business and this growing marketplace. I recently had the chance to interview Heather Walsh, a self-published author from Brookline, Massachusetts. Her two novels, Dented Cans and The Drake Equation are available for sale in both print and digital formats on the Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites. Here is the story of how she was able to get her writing published.

BCM: Tell me about yourself. What kinds of jobs did you have before you started writing novels?

HW: I’ve had a number of different jobs. I taught high school English in Brooklyn for a year, was an IT technical trainer, worked as an IT business analyst, learned SQL, and am now taking some time off to be with my two young children. But I’ve been writing through it all!

BCM: Do you write full-time? If not, what else do you…

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